Fantasy Flight Games wants you to Join the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beta Test

Fantasy Flight Games wants you for their Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beta Test that will be getting underway very soon.

From the announcement:

Strike a blow for galactic freedom as a hero of the Rebel Alliance! You’ll soon have your chance to join the beta test for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ Roleplaying Game.

The second of three epic, cross-compatible Star Wars roleplaying systems, Age of Rebellion will soon be made available for beta testing through our webstore and participating retailers.

  • Gallant

    So is this another situation where they bilk the fanboys by getting them to pay for a beta rulebook, have them playtest your game for you, and then ask them to spring for the corrected book when that comes out?

    Cuz if so, I’m in!

  • AccessDenied

    It will probably use a whole different set of specialized dice, too.

  • cybogoblin

    If it’s like the Dark Heresy Beta, you get a discount equal to the cost of the Beta off the final product.

    Not a perfect solution, but better than having to pay twice.

  • Tamwulf

    Except that FF did not do that with the last book. Was none too thrilled to pay for the “beta rules”, and then charged again for the completed rule book.

    I’m not too keen on the proprietary dice mechanic. I think it encourages more roll playing, and not role playing. Sometimes, the results are just bizarre out of the dice pool. It’s an interesting rules mechanic; I just wish the whole game wasn’t based around it.