Fantasy Flight Games to fix errors in initial Mansion Of Madness sets

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Dec 31st, 2011

Fantasy Flight Games found errors and omissions with their initial release of Mansion of Madness sets and has set up a page to help fix the problem.

Mansion of Madness

From the announcement:

Last week, it came to light that our initial shipment of Forbidden Alchemy, the recently released Mansions of Madness expansion, contained some errors affecting playability.

We have now concluded an audit of this product and have prepared a full list of any found issues, along with accompanying errata, in the Forbidden Alchemy FAQ (pdf, 1.5 MB). FFG will offer free replacement parts to any customers affected by these errors.

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  • Really, Fantasy Flight with errors and errata and problems?

    They do nice games and high quality components, but I tire of the problems in their rules “omissions” and other issues that affect playability in a lot of their releases.

  • Sejanus

    This seemed to be the biggest oops of theirs yet. Have played Mansions though and it is an excellent game. Any time I have had game issues in the past, they dealt with the replacements in a timely fashion and I have no doubt this time will be likewise.

    • Right. They do customer service well, make up for their mistakes, make high quality components, and are right professionals until it comes to quality control in their rules and component omissions, etc.

      • PanzerKraken

        They make mistakes yea, but so do lot of other companies. If anything it’s much more noticeable with FFG because they put out more product than majority of other publishers on the market. It’s also not always their fault as many problems in the past were the original designers of the game who screwed up in translation issues, component problems, while FFG just publishes many of these titles and had nothing to do with the actual contents.

        They have put out many products as well that were problem free. Some people people act like FFG is the only company that requires faqs for their games. I have a closet full of Euro titles that are loved who have all had extensive faqs, errata, rule corrections.

        • I just buy the second edition of any product they publish to curb some of my concern, and I do buy their products.

          I’m not saying FFGs is the only to do this, but like you said, it’s awfully noticeable.