Fantasy Flight Games Releases The Force Awakens Set for X-Wing Miniatures Game

May the Force Friday be with you.
For those that don’t know, a whole bunch of Star Wars toys are being released today in what has been dubbed Force Friday. Fantasy Flight Games is getting in on the action with their The Force Awakens starter set for the X-wing Miniatures Game.

This is the same kit we saw some grainy photos of a couple weeks ago. Well, now you don’t have to worry about photo quality, since we get the full, studio-quality images. And while they don’t give us a look at all the cards that are inside, they do give us a few. These ships aren’t just resculpt/repaints of the original X-Wing and TIE Fighters. They are actually different ships.


  • jeff fearnow

    And Target just revealed that they’ll be carrying them. I hope they do better there than X-Wing did on the first go-round

    • Drew Olds

      You mean, we hope FFG can keep up with the high demand?

      Because if the can, Target could help put a popular game over the top.

      • jeff fearnow

        That be fantastic if they could do it. As it was the first time seemed like they didn’t know what o do with it (and if you asked the staff for it they would tell you they had never heard of it and that the store didn’t carry “games like that”. As a dad who does the shopping i got ample chances at different locations to gauge what the situation was.

        Target eventually fire-saled the lotg that last bit i heard about on and grabbed one when they were cheap.

        But since Target is actually using it in their splash ads i have hope that 1)employee awareness will be better and 2)non-typical customers-of-games (people who are looking for a party game and see OOOH STAR WARS!) will be more open.

        • Drew Olds

          Target sales do well for games like Pokemon, and even Magic.

          And it is definitely a positive sign for the game that Target is using it in their splash.

  • Richard Kurtin

    Personally, as someone who runs a store and has supported Fantasy Flight since they had two games and somewhere in the single digits of employees I’m a little cheesed off at them over this.

    At least have the decency to tell all these stores that try to plan events, campaigns and their buying based on new releases that they are going to get scooped on this so they can plan.

    To have folks coming in asking for the new set and having no idea what is going on verges on embarrassing when FFG is usually pretty good with these announcements. .

    Obviously there were going to be Force Awakened products from FFG. Just tell us what’s up so we can at least be informed and can tell folks they can get it at Target now and in store after the general release on the 17th.

    I do hope it does OK at Target. It can only help bring new players into the store for events and maybe generate sales for us.

    Come on FFG, just don’t exclude stores from announcements and generate ill will with them. Don’t cause customers to mistrust those stores they normally go to because customers now think those stores hid the information from them so they wouldn’t go to Target and get the new starters. Think about these things. Please.