Fantasy Flight Games previews Tie Fighter expansion pack for X-Wing

Fantasy Flight Games gives us yet another preview of the upcoming X-Wing Miniatures game. Whooosh! Pew! Pew! Pew!

From the preview:

The Empire is the dominant power in the galaxy, and when they have the opportunity to press their advantages in combat, Imperial forces can overwhelm Rebel opposition with superior numbers. Accordingly, the Empire favors the fast, agile, and relatively inexpensive design of the TIE/In, developed by Sienar Fleet Systems. These nimble TIE fighters have the lowest squad point cost of all the starships in X-Wing and serve as the primary starfighters in the Imperial fleet.

  • FarrowStudios

    SO how much is that tie fighter? 15 bucks? this game will fail because it is far beyond expensive…lower the price and ou may get some enthusiastic players.

    • winter

      Then how has wings of war survived with almost the same price point and with out the name recognition of Star Wars?

  • cannondaddy

    I think the price is OK.

  • Piston Honda

    cost of molds, prepainted, royalties to Lucus, art work, packaging, and shipping costs.

    15 dollars seems about right in comparison to wings of war.

    • cannondaddy

      Don’t forget it comes with additional gaming material, the guy who wrote the rules for using Wedge needs to feed his kids too!

  • jackgaudette

    Guys the economy…. 15 is to much per mini. I love star wars, and was 12 or 13 whem the first movie came out. I want big epic battles. I dont want to work 3 weeks of overtime to pay for half of that.

    • Sevej

      Wrong game. This is a dogfight game, not a space battle one. 1 ship per player seems to be common for this.

  • scarletsquig

    $15 or £10 for a high-quality prepaint is fine with me.

    If this were a GW figure for the same price, it’d be unpainted, unassembled, and there would be no complaints.

    • TylerT

      it would also have a large skull for a cockpit

    • Sisyphus

      Baaaahh… of course there’d be lots of complaints and knashings of the teethes. And a moaning of the hater… but what there would be nothing of is a delay to purchase.