Fantasy Flight Games previews TIE Advanced

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Aug 9th, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games continues their previews of the X-Wing Miniatures game (coming out at GenCon. I can’t wait) with the TIE Advanced.

From the preview:

The TIE Advanced improves upon the TIE/In design by adding shielding, better weapons systems, curved solar panels, and a hyperdrive. However, the extra costs limit production, and only the best Imperial pilots get to fly a TIE Advanced.
The TIE Advanced Expansion Pack contains one sculpted TIE Advanced miniature, its maneuver dial, all requisite tokens, five upgrade cards, and four ship cards, including two Imperial aces: the aforementioned Darth Vader and the daring Maarek Stele.

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  • Endre Fodstad

    Truly, a triumph of packaging volume over content volume

    • TylerT

      hey man they got to pack a bunch of different ships into that same clam shell

      • PanzerKraken

        Yea they likely will try to make one package design to use for all their figs. B-Wing is going to take up lots of space.

        • TylerT

          not only that but it is neat how they have hidden the extra cards and punch board tokens into the large section on the back. i suspect i will be using the clam shell insert to trans port the mini around.

          i appreciate fine packaging!

  • Cherno

    A clamshell packaging with a front the size of a stamp won’t be as visible and attract customers as easily when hanging in the local game store.

  • Marauder

    This is actually looking like a very cool game. Nice how when you buy one mini you get a bunch of different stats you can use with it – as opposed to the last two star wars pre-painted games where you had to collect multiple minis (oh and it was random).


    • blkdymnd

      Well that’s because it was horribly mismanaged by WOTC (IIRC). I’m hoping with Fantasy Flight doing the Star Wars license, we’ll get a much better squad level game as well.

      • Still, one of the big attractions for me is to have the capitol ships on the boards along with things like the Falcon, shuttles, and transports.

        • Marauder

          Yes, that was a cool concept in the WOTC game, but ultimately both the lightness of the rules and the scale issues didn’t help the longevity of that game.

          Maybe fantasy flight will look again at a capital ship game – hopefully not making the same mistakes WOTC did. I suspect X-wing won’t just morph into a capital ship game though – seems very focused on being fighter on fighter.


      • TylerT

        i plan on making co-op mission maps these will be massive, maybe even to scale. capital ships

    • TylerT

      this is actually a very clever ruse to get you to buy multiple copies of the same product if you wish to build large fleets or squads.

      it’s damn brilliant