Fantasy Flight Games Previews the Quadjumper For X-Wing

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Nov 22nd, 2016

The Quadjumper is basically a space tugboat. It’s not pretty. It’s not fast. But that lack of speed actually makes it one of the most maneuverable ships in X-Wing. Sure, we’ve seen a ship that can stop. But the Quadjumper can do one better. It can go in reverse. Too bad there’s no sound in space, so you don’t get to hear that, “beep! beep! beep!” sound as it backs up…. Or maybe that’s a good thing.

You might not think that having a super-slow, yet maneuverable ship would be all that great to have in your squadron. But the Quadjumper brings more to the party than just being able to fit itself just about anywhere you need it. It has a toolbox full of helpful items it brings along. For example, there’s the tractor beam for pushing and pulling your opponent’s ships around. There’s the scavenger crane that can grab bits of enemy ships and integrate them onto your ship. You can also outfit the Quadjumper to carry bombs. And with one pilot, you can even fling those bombs out the front of your ship (and then back up away from it). Precision bomb placement has never been so accurate before.


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  • DB

    Is this what happens when you’re running out of iconic and interesting ships?

    • I don’t know if it actually shows up in the film, but the QuadJumper is at least mentioned in The Force Awakens (supposedly. Have yet to see the film. But they talk about it being so in the full FFG article).

      • DB

        Suddenly, I don’t feel so alone about not having seen The Force Awakens. I blame the prequels for crushing the wonder of that universe out of me.

        • Yeah, same here. Star Wars was my favorite thing for many, many years. I had the toys, the Lego sets, the Decipher card game, the books, and so forth and so on. Nowadays? … I’ve got an Armada set that I’ve yet to actually use…

          • Daniel36

            If I may, I skipped part 1-3 after I saw 5 minutes of one of them, but I did check out TFA and I quite liked it. Yes, it is pretty much a copy of A New Hope, but has enough cool twists to be entertaining and actually has that old school feel that I still don’t understand why 1-3 didn’t have.

          • odinsgrandson

            It is a lot better than the prequels, at least. If episodes 1-3 had been as good as 7, the top four highest grossing films would all be Starwars.

            It does have a lot taken from the first film- a lot. Some of it seems silly, some of it feels like a metacinematic comment.

            For example- the Sith in the past have all talked about how they’re angry all the time, but the sith in this film acts angry.

        • Ghool

          Have you seen a New Hope?
          Then you’ve seen the Force Awakens.

          • That’s generally what I’ve heard.

          • DB

            In a “this is neat” way or “this is a copy and paste job” kinda way?

          • Ghool

            The entire time I watched the movie, the only thing going through my head was, ‘Haven’t we already seen all of this in a movie before?’
            So, it was more in a copy/paste kind of way:
            young parent-less Force prodigy on desert planet flees from evil empire, is saved by a smuggler, evil empire blows up planet with ultimate weapon, ‘alliance/resistance’ fights bad guys in big battle, and blows up ultimate weapon, prodigy fights bad guy, kind of wins, then seeks out mentor to learn more of the force. Hell, it even had a secret plan…er….map…to find the mentor.

            It was a carbon-copy of the first movie, with some slight changes, and an older Han Solo. I never understood the hype-machine, and how everyone thought it was so amazing. But, the fans wanted more of the first trilogy, and they got it.

          • DB

            Probably lowered expectations due to the prequels being such tripe.