Fantasy Flight Games Previews the Luke Skywalker and the Darth Vader Packs for Imperial Assault

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 10th, 2014

Fantasy Flight Games is showing off another preview from the upcoming Imperial Assault game with a look at the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader expansion packs. Unlike other expansion packs, though, these are included right in the base game (not sure how that doesn’t just make them part of the base game, but there we are, then). You get the sculpted figure, some extra scenarios, and other cards for both the skirmish game and the board game.


From the preview:

Take your place in the Star Wars universe with Imperial Assault, a new miniatures game of tactical combat and thrilling adventure for two to five players! You’ll find two complete games within Imperial Assault: a campaign game, which invites you to join a story that changes based on the outcomes of your missions, and a skirmish game, which allows you to battle head-to-head against a single opponent.

In addition to the massive amount of missions and figures included in the Imperial Assault Core Set, the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack and the Darth Vader Villain Pack are included in the Core Set as an added bonus. Like other Ally Packs and Villain Packs, each of these expansions includes not only a sculpted plastic figure but also new missions and cards for the campaign and skirmish games.

In today’s Imperial Assault preview, we’ll turn to these two figure packs and explore the new missions and powerful abilities they offer to you in both every game.

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  • KelRiever

    As a general fan of FFG, let me tell you their Star War release availability has been really disappoiting to me and imo, a black eye that has me stay away.

    Now, unanticipated demand, I understand, leads to a lack of product. When any extremely popular game comes out, and gets sold out, it takes time to get back into production.

    But we’re really beyond that point with FFG. They barely have gotten their basic set availability back in order. And the basic set is, really, just enough to get you started. One x wing and 2 TIE fighters does not make a repeat playable game. The game depends on me being able to get those extra X-wings and TIE fighters, the new stuff, who doesn’t want the Millenium Falcon? Yet unless you are lapping up the very newest stuff, as it comes out, so far it’s ‘sorry’.

    I’ll get Star Wars stuff when FFG gets their availability in order. It isn’t cheap stuff. And if they don’t get in in order, seriously, I’ll be okay not getting it. I want complete games, not for FFG to leave its inventory behind while it chases the new shiny game they want to put out, like Assault. You know that certain figures are just going to vanish nearly as soon as they hit. And if there isn’t stock to get back in, well, like Black Friday, I don’t feel like stressing over having to buy stuff.

    Each figure makes them money. Nobody wants to overproduce product. At the same time, lack of availability keeps me a good distance away from caring about Assault.

    • Grindar

      Assault’s not exactly the same as X-Wing.

      Though I agree, X-Wing’s availability in general has been horrid.