Fantasy Flight Games Previews The Force Awakens RPG Beginners Game Box

The Force Awakens has created a place where new fans can hop on the Star Wars fan bus. And with gaming being more mainstream, that means more people interested in getting involved with the RPG opportunities that are out there. Fantasy Flight Games has made it very easy to get started with their Beginners Game Box that is coming out soon.


This set is designed to get you and your group of friends into the game as soon as possible. There are 8-page character bios for all of the pre-generated characters in the box. There’s all the dice you’ll need. There’s a map of the galaxy (far, far away). And there’s a book for the GM to lead you through the action which parallels the events in the movie.

The set is due to arrive at retailers early next month. So keep your eyes peeled.


  • Alexander Brown

    All the dice you’ll need? *snickers* I have 4 sets and still need more when I run. But, I can agree those are probably all you will need for the contents of the box. But, absolutely cool. While I know this is not going to lead to a new core book, I am hoping this will lead to an era book. I REALLY want some stuff giving us crunch for things like the Seppie and Republic ships and droids, rules for making a Clone Trooper, etc, so I hope that something that does well with the TFA era might get us a Clone Wars/Rise of the Empire sourcebook…(Though Disney seems to be REALLY afraid to do anything in that era.)