Fantasy Flight Games previews Slave 1 for X-Wing Miniatures Game

Fantasy Flight Games will be coming out with their expansion wave of ships for their X-Wing Minis Game soon. In the meantime, here’s a preview of the Slave 1.

From the preview:

While the Millennium Falcon is arguably the most iconic starship from the original Star Wars galaxy, it’s certainly not the only one that’s become a household name. Nor is it the only Star Wars starship that’s been tricked out with a load of special modifications. After all, Star Wars is an epic story of good versus evil, and there are two sides to its conflicts. Where the Falcon aided those who followed the light side, the forces of the dark side benefitted from the services of the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, and his dangerous Firespray patrol craft, Slave I™.

  • Roebeast45

    That is beautiful. This might be the ship that gets me into this game.

    • It’s a good ship in the game, too. Good ranged punch for the fleet.

  • Repeter

    Geez, I wish this came out last December. I had opponents then. I guess I’ll hope a couple new ships will rejuvenate the game, in my area…for a couple weeks, lol.

    • Yeah. The delay in shipping really did hurt. You figure, with these new ships, the overall size of the game doubles. Each side goes from 2 ship types to 4 ship types. Sure, there are a ton of different pilot types for those first two ships (specifically the X-Wing and TIE Fighter), but it still felt like “just two types of ships.” The expansion will bring a lot more potential variety to the look of the table and that will really help.

      • Hopefully FFG already has the 3rd wave already well underway and we wont have to wait ’til Gencon for them. There’s a lot of X-Wing love still going on out there through all the blogs that I read, but 6 months between releases is going to make a lot of people bored with it.

  • I know. I played the game several times that first couple of weeks, but now? It’s been on the shelf doing nothing. Not much support or interest in it.

    I’ll buy it to keep my collection complete, but that’s really all that I’ve got hopes for now at this point.

  • cama

    Typical of FFG that they delay it so long that most people aren’t going to care.

    • It’s not because they wanted to, for sure. They’d put out a press release stating that there was going to be a delay. These were originally slated for December.