Fantasy Flight Games Previews Rebel Wave 1 Releases for Armada

Fantasy Flight Games gives us another look inside Star Wars Armada with a preview of the Rebel expansion packs for Wave 1.
The game is soooo close to release, I can almost taste it! I can’t wait for this to hit store shelves.


From the preview:

Our last preview of Star Wars™: Armada focused on the Victory-class Star Destroyer and the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, the two Imperial starships coming out in the game’s first wave of expansions. Today, we continue our exploration of the game, its ships, and its expansions with a look at the three different capital ships with which the Rebellion will soon be able to confront these Star Destroyers.

  • Nrask

    yeah fantasy flight just throws ideas at the wall until something sticks… its been funny watching them just throw anything at us… until this… this is gonna stick… now I’m not laughing… its just a cool idea man.