Fantasy Flight Games Previews Conflict Example For Legend of the Five Rings

The Gen Con release of Fantasy Flight Games’ reboot of Legend of the Five Rings is getting closer. This is an opportunity for players who might have never looked at the game to give it a shot and jump on with a footing equal to those that’ve been playing for a while. One thing unique about the game is that battles aren’t just about who has the nicer sword. There’s a lot of intricate things that can have an effect on them. In this preview, we get a look at how a conflict plays out in a very detailed example.

From the post:

The conflicts of Rokugan are not a straight forward affair. Whether in court or on the battlefield, the Great Clans understand the strategic need to keep their tactics close to their chest, revealing themselves only when they are sure to defeat their foes.

These intrigues and displays of strength are brought to life in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game during the conflict phase. Today, we’re looking at an in-depth of example of this phase during a game between Jenny, a Dragon Clan player, and Alex, a Phoenix Clan player. This article will provide a micro-view of a single conflict; for a broader view of the game, click here for the start of a turn, and here for the end.


  • hvedhrungr

    I’m still not convinced by the new rule set. While the old L5R CCG had its flaws, the mechanics had been honed through successive editions and permutations. This new conflict resolution seems to be complicated for the sake of being complicated. At least from that example play past the link, I don’t get the feeling that it is streamlined into a quick and enjoyable card game. Instead, it feels more like an attempt to shoehorn several different ideas and concepts into one game mechanic, sort of a “something for everyone” approach. That doesn’t work very often, if at all…

    • VanosOfManos

      I was pretty willing to give this version a chance despite being a pretty vocal opponent of how FFG handles their LCGs, most notably their initial starter sets, just because I love the L5R setting, and loved the CCGs mechanics. Seeing the new conflict resolution along with the stupid fate/destiny timer on characters (and the blind bidding mechanic!) makes me believe they went in trying to squeeze in every mechanic and component they could think of. Ugh. Seeing stupid X-Wing dials was the final straw. I’ll stick to the old game.