Fantasy Flight Games Posts XCOM Expansion Preview

Aliens are invading. That’s bad enough. You’ve got humanity on the bring of hysterics as UFOs circle the planet, attacking wherever defenses are the weakest, resources being rather scarce. But now, the XCOM teams have more things to deal with. Never underestimate a group of people looking for any advantage in order to put forth their own agendas during a time of crisis. That’s just what we’ve got in the Evolution expansion for the XCOM board game.


XCOM’s forces have grown in the 3 months since the start of the alien attack. Much has been learned and new defenses are being created daily. But now a new threat presents itself. A shadowy organization called EXALT has started attacking XCOM teams. No longer is it just “humanity vs. aliens.” A new front has opened in this war. This takes the form of two new invasion plans that the game can run through, both of them adding in new dangers and problems. Then there’s the yellow damage cards. Before, when your base was hit and went to the yellow squares, it was just damage. Now, each one forces you to draw a card from the damage deck which will impact each of the roles by taking away resources. If you thought the game was too easy, you’ll want to try out this new form.


  • Davos Seaworth

    XCom is a good example of a hyped game that the BoardGameGeek crowd went nutso for, but shortly thereafter attention spans went elsewhere & now you rarely hear it being discussed. To the point where when I saw an expansion I was like, “Oh, yeah, that’s the game that everyone was talking about until no one was talking about it.” This seems to be the arc of a lot of boardgames these days.

    • odinsgrandson

      What’s XCom?

    • hvedhrungr

      I think that’s a little unfair.
      The premise of the game is laudable, but I find that unless you min-max each player’s role, the game is severely rigged towards failure. That means that in order to play XCOM successfully, you need to play it a lot. Preferably with the same people. And that’s just not the way I play games with friends.
      This is also the reason why I’ve found that 4X games take a very particular crowd to be fun. Otherwise the long setup and complicated ruleset are a huge turn-off.

      That said, I actually know a handful of people who quite enjoy XCOM. I’m just not one of them.


        XCOM seems like a good setting for a miniature skirmish game, with a campaign, like Necromunda. After all, that’s how the computer game works. I don’t really want to play an XCOM board game, though.

        • hvedhrungr

          The point is, though, that tabletop skirmishers are a niche product, whereas board games are experiencing a comeback at the moment. Particularly board games with enhancing features like apps.

          As I stated before, the idea behind the XCOM board game holds merit. The product could have benefitted from a little more play testing and consumer polling…
          The gist of it is simply the fact that to enjoy this game, you have to play it A LOT. And here we delve into skirmisher territory, because to enjoy and fully grasp tabletop miniature war games, you need to play them a lot. Of course, most of us play them a lot *because* we enjoy them, but the fact still stands…