Fantasy Flight Games Posts Rules for Legend of the Five Rings

We’ve been getting a steady supply of previews of the new version of Legend of the Five Rings that Fantasy Flight Games is coming out with at Gen Con. But what about just getting the whole rulebook? And what about finding out what other sorts of goodies they will have at the show? Well, both of those are being answered.

From the announcement:

It’s a big day for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game…
the rules are up on!

Then tomorrow, on a very special episode of #L5RLive:
What to expect at Gen Con with CMO Steve Horvath and FFG Organized Play Manager Zach Reyburn
Crab, Phoenix, and Unicorn Clan talk with Brad Andres, Katrina Ostrander, and Elena Christensen

So now’s your big chance… what do you still want to know?

Legend of the Five Rings Page (with rulebook links at the bottom)
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  • BDub

    I have to say how dissapointed I am that this isnt a multiplayer card game. I was really hoping, back when the early announcments came out, that they would design another, much needed IMO, multiplayer LCG, like GoT:TCG. They can be played 2 player but still allow for very interesting and dynamic games with 3-5 players. The Lo5R IP was perfect for it – Its a real bummer.

    • Cergorach

      Please keep in mind that the L5R LCG is based on an existing CCG, one that is essentially a 2 player game (there are multiplayer versions, but they are rough to play). The same as the Net Runner LCG was based of a CCG. A mechanic/game might just not work in multiplayer, making a good game bad.

      AGOT2 already fills that niche in the FFG LCG lineup. Cataclysm brought Multiplayer to Warhammer Invasion before it was put out to pasture. It was released around four years after the initial release, so there is hope yet for L5R LCG. Might be that they wait untill a few more clans have joined the fray and it is a well established game that can survive a dud multiplayer expansion (if it fails to perform)…