Fantasy Flight Games is Hiring

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Oct 2nd, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games wants you to join their team. Do you have what it takes to be their new Associate Roleplaying Game Producer?

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  • keltheos

    Do you have what it takes? Like moving to Minnesota…?

  • TylerT

    Ha! it’s not that bad. I researched Minnesota back when i still applied for their job openings. It is cold but then again I have enough layers to survive that.

  • keltheos

    It’s a great opportunity for anyone who can relocate, that’s for sure.

  • TylerT

    yeah, dream jobs do have their price though. I’m still considering it, I have made it though a few levels in a previous attempt.

  • akiro27

    Don’t work there – I have friends who have/do and they warn everyone they can against it. FF is straight-up awful to be a part of and pay nothing. There are huge issues in their structure that just have no chance to be fixed. You can see it in their slipping quality as well.

    • Soulfinger

      Yeah, I wouldn’t want someone else competing for the same position either. Good luck getting the job.

  • cybogoblin

    Dangit! Why Minnesota? Why can’t FFG simply move to NZ instead.

  • Polar_Bear

    I agree. All gaming companies need to be forced to move to one location so it’s just a “known thing” that if you want to work in gaming, you move to x-city. Like Hollywood is for movies/tv, so should someplace be for gaming.

    • I recommend Palm Coast, FL… as there is nothing here currently.

      • Polar_Bear

        And when ocean levels rise, there won’t be anything there in the future, except maybe coral, either. :p

  • Isn’t Seattle sort of the gaming center of the US?

    • Soulfinger

      I think you are confusing gaming with grunge music.

      • TylerT

        not really, it has a concentration, probably the strongest concentration of companies in this industry. but it is a very spread out and small industry.