Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale Happening Now

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Nov 17th, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games is getting things started quickly with the holiday shopping season. They’ve launched their holiday sale over in their webshop. Want to get some games for cheaper than usual and delivered in time to give to friends and loved ones? Get your order in.

There’s hundreds of games for sale, so listing them all here would be a bit daunting. Suffice to say that if you want it, it’s probably on sale. The sale is going now and lasts through the 28th. So you’ve got about a week and a half to put your order in. Items are first-come, first-served, and some are expected to sell out. So you might not want to wait.


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  • Really great deal. Battlelore for 30$. Funny thing is that p&p to Europe is “just” 78$. Really great deal. Nuts.

    • Ghool

      Don’t feel bad. Even shipping to Canada for one $15 game was $34.
      Kind of defeats the entire purpose of the thing.
      Although, I’m coming to find that shopping habits in America are a very different beast from the rest of the world. Americans like to ‘Get it all in one go.’ and will spend lots and get lots all at once and from one place. Then they won’t buy anything until next year.

      The rest of the world seems more moderate, where they buy a few things at a time from many different retailers/stores and more frequently. The type of bakery I ran couldn’t and didn’t work in the US, simply because of the very different shopping habits.

      Americans are one-stop-shopppers, and that is why sales like this work so well in the US, and not so much elsewhere.

      I would have liked to have enjoyed this sale, except the shipping was ludicrous, and the exchange rate for CAD$ is really bad.

      • “The type of bakery I ran”
        Recipes or it didn’t happen. O,O

        And I’m not so sure you can blame shipping costs on American buying habits, necessarily. Moving objects from one place to another costs money. And it’s costing more money all the time. I would love to buy more stuff from Steamforged, but shipping costs are killer. They’re a British company. Sending things to me here in the States costs a lot. I doubt if they were sending to Canada it would suddenly become a whole lot cheaper (or maybe it would be. I honestly don’t know. But I would be surprised if it was).

        And, I mean, yes, I know I tend to limit my stops when shopping, preferring to just get things from one place if I can, rather than driving all over town to get them (unless there’s a specific brand of thing I know only is sold at one place and that’s definitely the thing I want). Same with online sales. In both cases, that’s why we have things like Wal-Mart and Super Targets and, hell, Amazon.

        • Ghool

          I think it’s more the flat rate that the USPS offers for international shipping that makes it so expensive.
          I understand that shipping costs money. But, the funny thing is, shipping costs sky-rocketed after the oil price boom.

          Then the oil market crashed.

          But, prices for shipping didn’t go back down, and have remained steady since they went so high.

          Not that it’s a big deal, I just don’t buy out of the US anymore, nor do I Kickstart much, for the same reasons. And it’s more exchange rates than the cost of shipping.

          As for recipes;
          Cinnamon buns?
          Raspberry White Choc. scones?
          Basic bread?
          Pizza crust?
          Cheese rolls and buns?

          Which ones you want recipes for? :p

          • I rarely buy things, in general. Most of it I do buy in-person. I wish some things were more available, or that shipping costs didn’t double the price of whatever I was trying to buy. Usually the sale price is eaten up by shipping, if not worse (as shown above).

            Though I am going to be pooling money for a Steamforged order next week when they have their Steamcon sale. Gotta get me an LE Shark.

            “Which ones do you want recipes for?”
            Yes, please. 😀