Fantasy Flight Games hiring Head Cook

Fantasy Flight Games is looking to add a new Head Cook to their team.
Are you the god of cookery?

From the hiring form:

The Head Cook is responsible for the following:
•Running a full service kitchen creating a amazing fresh food quickly and to a consistently high standard.
•Working with FFG management team to create and update an extensive menu.
•Creating purchase orders for ingredients and track inventory using software.
•Maintaining supplies as well as the proper functioning of equipment.
•Managing and training additional kitchen staff.
•Providing exceptional customer service.
•Creating unique menus and manage catering for large events.
•Maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness, safety and ensure that all applicable heath regulations are followed
•Other duties that may be assigned by your manager.

  • grimbergen

    Wow… they gonna be like GOOG with a masseuse also? Man I wanna work for FFG!

    • I thought about applying, but they want professional restaurant kitchen experience and while I’m a good cook, I certainly have never been in charge of a commercial kitchen before.

  • Tamwulf

    Is this a joke???

    • cybogoblin

      Nope. If their office is sufficiently isolated from cafes and other eateries, it might sense to have an on-site kitchen. Plus, it means they can sit in the kitchen while having their lunch and talk about upcoming projects without having to worry about people outside the company overhearing them.

      About 10 years ago, the building I worked in had a cafe on the top floor for staff. It wasn’t fancy, but there was a good variety of fried food on offer.

  • Ghool

    I would so apply for this.
    But then again, it’s in the US…sooooo….no.

  • will_negates

    I would assume that this is for their “Event Center” and not the employees specifically.

  • I can’t help imagining someone taking a whiff from a pot and eyes floating up to the surface of the delicious soup followed by the rest of the head… 😛

  • Major_Gilbear

    Wow, this has to be scraping the barrel of what counts as news. I mean, the stupid “Xyz blog blog has reviewed some boring crap that’s been out for aaages. Click here to increase their web traffic!” posts are bad enough, but the only connection that this has to TTGs is that it’s a job at FFG, who make boardgames and RPGs.

    Why don’t you post some actual TTG news instead? What about the raft of new Infinity material seen at Gencon? Or some proper info about Malifaux 2.0? Or… anything newsworthy and relevant?

    • Soulfinger

      I’m more interested in this than new material for Infinity or Malifaux. I actually received an email from a friend about this, because he thought it was funny enough to be newsworthy, and it is entirely possible that some of the readers here who eat a diet more adventurous than packaged Ramen and generic Mountain Dew may even have a qualified interest in the job. So, as much as I agree with you about Xyz reviewing a board game from ten years ago for those of us who irreparably broke our BoardGameGeek button, I’d say just about any job at FF is relevant. As a major, I expect that you have all of the job security and 1:1 scale soldiers that you could ever wish for, but for plenty of people “FFG hiring Assistant Crack Whore” (although I’m not quitting the position any time soon) may be a step up from their current job and their “in” for a career in the gaming industry.

      • KelRiever

        Wait, who are you to judge, Soulfinger? Maybe the chef IS supposed to cook Ramen pre-packaged and serve Mountain Dew! This could be the epic beginning of a gaming culture diet. Recognized world wide. It, it’s, like the punk rock of food!

        There needs to be a cable show for this. Like on channel 697

      • Major_Gilbear

        Soulfinger… You’re the main reason I read TTGN man; your comments are better than the news posts!

        • Soulfinger

          Thank you. That’s very kind of you.