Fantasy Flight Games Announces The Merchant of Venus Q1 2012

Fantasy Flight Games announces the release of the Merchant of Venus:

From their announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is delighted to announce the upcoming release of Merchant of Venus, a fantastic new edition of a classic 1980’s board game of space traders and alien riches. Two to four players race through the galaxy on a wild dash for cash, locating and establishing vital trade lines to transport goods from the planets where they’re common, to the planets where they can sell for maximum profit. The trader with the most wealth wins. We’re excited to announce that Fantasy Flight Games will release Merchant of Venus in the first quarter of 2012 and we are now accepting pre-orders. For more information, please contact the FFG Sales Department at

  • Reaper_Steve

    Not the whole story…
    It turns out that Stronghold Games announced a reprint of this game the day before FFG announced theirs. Stronghold has posted a statement on their webpage asserting that they have the rights to the reprint. Lots of discussion (read: rampant uniformed speculation) on the issue is available at BGG. But in the interest of fair and impartial reporting, it may not be a bad idea for TTG to link to Stronghold Games’ release announcement and stance on the issue as well.

    • Reaper_Steve

      or ‘uninformed’ speculation… there’s nothing uniform about it.

  • redbranch

    Typo in title: “Mechant” needs an “r”.

  • scottjm

    It amazes me the sheer number of games FFG churns out. Very impressive. Hopefully this issue with Stronghold can get sorted out amicably.

  • Space Ghost

    Is Merchant of Venus in the public domain?


  • Cherno

    “Typo in title: “Mechant” needs an “r”.”

    I guess this is the way FFG deals with that intellectual rights issue 😉

  • most importantly, is the game any good?