Fantasy Flight Games Announces Star Wars: Destiny Dice and Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games has just announced a new game to be part of the Star Wars line of products they make. This one’s Star Wars: Destiny, a new collectable dice and card game. This game will take some of your favorite characters from all across Star Wars lore and put them together in a grand battle where your card plays and dice rolls will determine who stands triumphant at the end.

In the game, you create a set of characters, either hero or villain, to fight against your opponent. The characters come with special dice, each one unique and will be used to attack, defend, and manipulate your opponent’s rolls. Also, supporting your heroes, will be a deck of 30 cards. Some are events that you play immediately for a bonus. Others are upgrades that you attach to your hero permanently. Support cards are like upgrades, but don’t get attached to special characters. You and your opponent also must agree on a battlefield for the game. Claiming the Battlefield can yield great bonuses, but leaves you vulnerable by capping you on playing more actions during the round.

Attendees of Gen Con will be able to stop by the Fantasy Flight booth and get a demo of the game. The game will be available in November.


  • Michael

    Can I play without mixing in that godawful prequel garbage? Because that’s a deal-breaker.

    • It doesn’t seem like you /have/ to use anything from the prequels if you don’t want. Just don’t take those characters and build your deck without those cards.

  • Nicolas Roquigny

    Like Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cell/tablet video game but with more blind purchase and randomness…