Fantasy Flight Games announces Sky Traders

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Mar 7th, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games shows off their new boardgame Sky Traders. It does look like a good time.

From the release:

Command your own skyship and become a master merchant in Sky Traders, a board game of commerce and intrigue for two to five players. Evade the ruthless Wind Pirates as you collect influence with the powerful Sky Guild. Manipulate the commodity market using your powers of persuasion. Through clever trades and resourceful captaining, you can seize the title of Master of the Sky Guild!

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  • Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

    So they didn’t get Merchants of Venus…. Plan B is unfolded.

    (still wondering how this is Mini/Tabletop Gaming News and not News from the Geek…. *sigh)

    Lord Abaddon of Wormwood

  • keltheos

    It comes with figures, it’s played on a tabletop…

    • Soulfinger

      No, I’m still confused. Miniatures and tabletops be damned! Zac never would have stood for such shenanigans! All of his many posts about Fantasy Flight board games were obviously meant as snarky jabs just to illustrate how such games had no place on this site. These new editors just don’t get it. I stand in solidarity with Lord Abaddon of Wormwood!

      Also, FF does have Merchants of Venus, so theirs would still be Plan A.

      Lord Soulfinger of Screwtape

  • keltheos

    So which board games with miniatures are okay to put up here? Dust Tactics, Okko, Ron and Bones?

    I’m confused, you’ll have to explain the definition of TGN pure articles to me.

    • Soulfinger

      TGN Pure would be GW, PP, and any Uno or Skippo variants. I guess I was a little too deadpan in my mockery.

  • Bostich

    My Tabletop includes boardgames.