Fantasy Flight Games announces Oath of the Outcast, a Hero and Monster collection for Descent

Fantasy Flight Games has announced they’ll be releasing Oath of the Outcast, a new Hero and Monster collection for Descent Second Edition.


From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Oath of the Outcast, the first Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition! Oath of the Outcast offers you new options for exploring the potential of noble heroes and the overlord’s deadliest monsters through a new form of expansion.

Oath of the Outcast introduces four heroes and three monster groups previously only available in the first edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, as well as two brand-new quests. Trenloe the Strong, Laurel of Bloodwood, Elder Mok, and Shiver join your quests as eager heroes, but even as they enter your quests, monsters arise to attack. Oath of the Outcast includes three monster groups: bane spiders, beastmen, and razorwings! You will also gain two new quests in this expansion: Oath of the Outcast and Prison of Ice and Lies. In these quests, you will attempt to stop the perpetrators of a dark ritual from reanimating a host of powerful undead warriors.

  • Myrthe

    I wonder if those of us who have the First Edition miniatures, with their Second Edition cards from the Conversion Kit will be able to purchase the two Quests separately ? I can’t imagine I’d need even more miniatures. ( Wait, did I just really type that ?!! )

    • grimbergen

      I doubt it… this bundling of new units is typical of FFG’s expansions, i.e. Dust, Battlelore, etc. Also I would assume the quests are intended for the new monsters in this set but I’m sure the overlord can change it as needed.

  • grimbergen

    Also i’m sure you can find someone on bgg who’ll scan it for you though.