Fantasy Flight Games announces new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Campaign

Fantasy Flight Games announces the return of a class Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Campaign, The Enemy Within.

From their announcement:

Who is the Black Cowl? And what ties has he forged between the merchants of Altdorf and cults dedicated to the Ruinous Powers? The Empire has many enemies, but perhaps the greatest of these is the enemy within…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Enemy Within, a hallmark campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!

Ask any veteran players of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay about The Enemy Within, and you’re likely to learn that it stands as one of the classic adventures of earlier editions. Indeed, some rate it among the greatest roleplaying adventures of all time. Since its release in the late 1980s, its intrigues and villainy led players deep into its secretive plots and subsequent adventures. For decades, players around the world have struggled to rid the Empire of the rot that lies near its core.

Now, Fantasy Flight Games has worked with Graeme Davis (Shadows over Bögenhafen, The Edge of Night) and Dave Allen (The Gathering Storm, Journey to Black Fire Pass) to bring you a brand new story drawn from the themes and concepts of the original.

With enough material for more than thirty sessions, The Enemy Within engages players in a thrilling series of adventures that takes their characters from their humble beginnings to the later stages of their careers, where they must fulfill their destinies as fate’s champions. The Enemy Within can take player characters from their very first sessions through their third character ranks. The truly adventurous can extend the story into truly epic terrain with an optional epilogue and the rules from Hero’s Call.

Two years ago, the Elector of Averland, Marius Leitdorf, was slain in the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass. Although he died a hero, Leitdorf’s leadership was conflicted. He was renowned as much for his periods of melancholy, his mania, and his black rages as for his brilliance, wit, and skill with a sword. Furthermore, he left no clear heir, so his death introduces an uncertain time to Averland.

Meanwhile, a sinister figure stands poised to take advantage of this period of uncertainty. Conspiring with the enemies of the Empire, he intends to manipulate the succession for his own advantage.

Into the midst of this conspiracy steps a small group of heroes. Their adventures will take them far to the north and into the heart of the Empire. They will be both catspaw and foil. They will be embroiled in politics and war. And they alone will save the Empire from its greatest enemy… The Enemy Within.

Players and GMs looking forward to The Enemy Within will find a massive campaign with three complete adventures and an optional epilogue, easily spanning thirty or more gaming sessions. GMs, particularly, will find The Enemy Within loaded with all the resources they need to manage a series of adventures of this scope and scale. You’ll find cards sheets, maps, handouts and other materials to help GMs create a truly immersive experience for their players.

Additionally, you’ll find detailed backgrounds for each important NPC and optional starting backgrounds for player characters starting into the adventure from scratch.

Even with all these materials, we make certain GMs have tremendous flexibility to steer this campaign to best suit their play groups. The Enemy Within introduces a tremendous number of tools to place at the GM’s disposal, including new villains, NPCs, monsters, and encounters. GMs will find it easy to develop any content they need to include, and they’ll find ways to use character backgrounds to tie each character to the story and draw attention to important plot events as they occur.

Save the Empire

Immerse yourselves in conflicts and conspiracies that run deep toward the heart of the Empire when you confront The Enemy Within. Look for this epic new take on the classic series of adventures to release in the third quarter of 2012!

  • Mananarepublic

    Classic campaign… just reading the text in the books was enough to really get you thinking. Let’s hope this new iteration is as good – I would buy it just to read it 🙂


  • TomasT

    The adventure is excellent…

    Too bad my group has abandoned 3ed… Well, it was like playing Arkham Horror anyway. To many markers.

    We’re on 2 ed again. Luv it!

  • keltheos

    Tomas, you know the game’s perfectly playable without the markers, right?

    Anyway, that’s awesome news. “i’d been converting TEW for my 3e game, might still finish it up but this is great for some of the newer players without access to the original material. Classic indeed!

    • CaffeineBoy

      If I’ve read the FFG blurbs and blog posts by Graeme Davis right, this is more of an “inspired by” kinda thing. It uses the same name and same themes as the original series of adventures, but you won’t run into the same characters, locations or situations.

      That leaves me with mixed feelings. I LOVED the original campaign, but it did have some railroady bits and went badly off the tracks toward the end. I’m glad they’re not going to just try to update it, ’cause that way lies madness (and angry grognards). OTOH, FFG really needs a well constructed, well plotted, evocative and epic adventure path to prop up WFRP3e before it loses steam. Like it or not FFG did some really innovative and radical game design in 3e, but unless they publish a crazily compelling adventure for gamers to play through, folks are going to drift back to more mainstream games that are less work.

  • mathieu

    As per the TGN FAQ, “the site focuses on tabletop miniature gaming only”. While I like the Warhammer universe, I don’t see how that news has anything to do with miniature gaming.

  • mechaace

    Further up it also says “news about miniatures, games played on the tabletop and previews or interesting information”. I ran a game of WFRP 3e last night and I played on a tabletop, and I find this pretty interesting. I don’t understand this backlash about other gaming news, which is hardly dominant. I am in favour of reporting this kind of news.

    Regarding this, I’m looking forward to it. I’m in the middle of a home brewed campaign just now but this may be the first campaign for it I may pick up.