Fantasy Flight Games Announces Latari Elves For Runewars

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Apr 10th, 2017

The hype about Runewars has been steadily growing as the release date approaches. One concern a lot of people had, though, was that there were only two factions. Well, no longer, as Fantasy Flight Games has announced and posted a preview of the Latari Elves.

From the post:

The Aymhelin—the greatest forest in all of Mennara—stretches from the south of Terrinoth and west of the Ru to the southern ocean. Its great trees reach their ivory trunks up into pure skies, while the spreading canopies cast green-tinged shadows on the forest floor below. It is here the Latari Elves call home, their cities and palaces sweeping gracefully among the trunks of the deep wood. Now, the return of an ancient foe pulls them into the battle for Terrinoth.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Latari Elves Army Expansion for the Runewars Miniatures Game. The expansion not only ushers in a brand-new faction to the Runewars Miniatures Game, but offers four new units and eight new figures, enough to field an army in one of Terrinoth’s many battles.


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  • odinsgrandson

    Someone needs to teach them how to show off minis better.

    But- these are the most interesting sculpts I’ve seen for Runewars. They’re not quite unique enough to get me excited just yet, but they’re getting closer.

    • DB

      Precisely my thoughts. If they’d have started with this, I’d have been all over it.

  • Michael Dee

    Still trying to deduce the actual size. Seems almost 35mm?

  • Trent

    Better than Mantic elves, but not quite as good as GW. So then it’s down to price and game mechanics innovation.

    • ZeeLobby

      I’d also recommend taking a look at some of the alternative paintjobs out there. I thought the undead sculpts we’re pretty poor but saw some great versions in a less “cartoon”-ish paint style and they looked bounds better.

    • Cergorach

      Price completely depends on where your located, cheaper then GW in the US, more expensive then GW in the EU. Game mechanics are generally excellent with FFG games…

  • Peat Moss

    found miniature scale pictures…..seems all runewar mini scale with 28mm
    love the elf archers……..need them……

    as for the other ……meh
    the tree thing…….seems it could drop into some sci fi campaign…..