Fantasy Flight Games announces first expansion to their X-Wing minis game

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Apr 17th, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games has the first couple expansions lined up for their Star Wars-themed starship miniatures game. Go and have a look-see!

From the update:

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the first set of X-Wing expansion packs! With these amazingly detailed and painted ships, recreate battles from the Star Wars films, or stage your own cinematic space battles.

Each expansion for X-Wing contains one striking starfighter miniature. Moreover, these expansions include new Upgrade cards and several Ship cards featuring some of the most iconic Star Wars fighter pilots.

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  • Repeter

    So wait, a squad of 5 y-wings is going to run $75? I would love to dogfgiht with some SW fighters, but man…that might be a little out of my price range. I may be missing something here, like how big are the ships, details, material. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

    • admanb

      Where did you see $75? The Y-Wing expansion is listed at $15.

  • Zombie_Taco

    each expansion is $15 for a single mini.

    I too had to do a double take at the prices.

    The starter comes with 3 models for $40.

    I guess the Licensing is gotta get paid somehow.

    • PanzerKraken

      Being FFG, the sets will all be online for 20-25% off. It’s why Dust figs are so cheap too, lot of retailers can give higher discounts. It’s also of course extra play options such as the various cards you get and they are prepainted… to the quality we will see. Pricing is not much different from the WoG figures.

    • grimbergen

      The FFG wings of war planes are $10 each, and $14 for the 2-seaters years ago, so this is not that out of line given inflation and potential license costs.

      If you really want something egregious, FFG was had single cheap plastic pre-painted Confrontation (32mm) hero figures at $10 MSRP. The paint quality was passable at best, and there were no cards or any other game components. Granted, it could have been Rackham setting high prices first… but anyhow, it’s not out of the ordinary.

  • I’m going to have to skip on this game, even though I wanted to jump into this game so much.

    I’ll wait for the secondary market.

  • Marauder

    The models do look nice!

  • TheCapn

    15$ a mini seems justifiable in my books considering it comes with a painted mini, pilot cards and counters. Wings of war/glory planes are around the same price! Also, having heard from others that have demoed the game, the system works better with fewer craft.

    I’ll be buying!

    • Repeter

      If this game is truly ‘better with fewer craft’, and the minis are as large as the WoW/G (which also came with stuffs), I may get on board. We’ll see, but I’m wincing a bit so far.

      • TheCapn

        I should clarify that, like any wargame involving aircraft or star fighters in this case, the more aircraft you have, the longer the game! The people that demoed said it feels more dynamic and ‘personal’ as you try and get on the tail of the enemy tie fighter and let loose with your blasters!

  • blkdymnd

    I’m in, those look fantastic

  • Ritterton

    Ok, I am game for these…but I am still awaiting the arrival of my pre order of the game. Maybe if those were shipped and in hand before the announcement of an expansion that would be a great selling point?

  • I’m a little concerned about the ship scales. When I saw the prototype demo at Gen Con last year, the minis looked great. Now, however, the models seem way off. The X-wing looks downright tiny compared to the TIE Fighter. Not sure if it’s just a trick of the pictures or if it’s really the case that they’re smaller..
    I have a bunch of the 1/144 scale models from f-Toys of Japan, and if those are to be believed, the X-wing should be about double the length of a TIE fighter and about half the height (with S-foils in attack position).

    We shall see I guess, but I doubt I’ll pick this up if the minis are that far off.

    • blkdymnd

      I don’t think they’re terribly concerned with scale accuracy. Wings of War wasn’t always scale accurate. It’s supposed to be dynamic and eye catching for the most part. They want the model to be able to fill the base up

      • I know, and I do get it. But, as a mini gamer, it makes me frustrated.

        When I play mini games, the minis, vehicles, monsters, etc., are in a certain scale. When I play a board game, I realize scale is not important and a playing piece is just a piece. However, when I play a board game that is essentially a miniatures game with simpler rules, I can’t help but still want the correct sense of scale.

        That being said, I do love me some FFG. I’ll just have to wait til it comes out and make my mind up then.

    • cannondaddy

      When I first read this I thought you were overreacting, but then I saw the photos. It’s hard to tell if it’s actually as bad as it looks but it would be a little disconcerting if its that far out.

    • John Maddening

      All the fighters are exactly accurate to original Lucasfilm model measurements and specifications.

    • PanzerKraken

      Says they are proper scale based on Lucasfilm specs.

      • Well the Star Wars site itself has the length (mislabed as height since the picture is vertical) of an X-wing at 12.5 meters. The TIE fighter is measured in at 8.99 meters height. That would figure with my f-toys models where is you lay a TIE on it’s front, it’s about a third shorter as the X-wing.
        So even the Star Wars site has the TIE being considerably smaller than the X-wing.

        Again, we shall see, but the pictures are not matching up so far. I will need to see them in person.

    • grimbergen

      The figures used the demo previously were WOTC Startship Battles minis, so they were not intended to represent prototypes of the actual ship models.

      • I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Not sure what demo you saw, or at what con, but at Gen Con they were most certainly NOT wotc minis.

        There’s no way that these (taken with my own camera at Gen Con):

        Are these:

        [1]: Gen Con Demo

        [1]: WotC X-wing

        [1]: WotC TIE Fighter

        • Ugh, this site seriously needs an edit button for posts. So much for hyperlinks. Just highlight the links without the brackets.

        • Also, while Joe Blow game designer might be able to get away with using another company’s minis in a demo, there is no way that FFG used WotC’s clearly sub-par miniatures at any show, but especially Gen Con.

          I’m pretty sure FFG would not want people thinking the minis were going to be similar quality as WotC and I’m also pretty sure WotC would not appreciate FFG using their product for a demo, whether they still had the license or not.

  • Spartan

    Meh, i will stick to Firestorm Armada for my spaceship combat.

  • If you want cheap Star Wars dogfights, go with the pocket model collectible game or Star Wars Miniatures: Starship Battles… I’m pretty sure there are others as well plus house rules for BFG, Firestorm Armada, or whatever other spaceship system… or even Wings of War which was already mentioned..

    This honestly just seems like a redundant game that is clamoring for money in a bad way.

    • wittdooley

      Unless, you know, you think the minis are about 300 times better than the pocket models. Or, you know, if you can find enough of the dead SW Starfleet battles game.

      Your solution in your response is one of the following: get a randomized collectible pocket models game, get a dead randomized miniature game, Go with a non-preprinted much larger scale non star wars game WITH house rules, or go with a world war two dog fighting game that shares a similar system but in no way has anything to do with a galaxy far far away…..

      Hardly redundant if you ask me.

      If anything, I simply wish FFG would release the friggin base game before they begin announcing expansions. But redundant? I just don’t see it.

      • The quality of the models has nothing to do with the very first part of my first sentence.. CHEAP. I was offering an alternative for the people complaining about quality.
        I had no problem tracking down either the pocket game or the other games on Amazon. There are a few and there are singles as well.
        Again I’m offering alternatives. People can use the suggestions as they will.
        Perhaps redundant was a bit much, but I do think that they’re not offering something that hasn’t been seen.

  • Sejanus

    I WAS excited for this and the SW card game, but to be honest the interest passed after delay upon delay.

    I love FFG but for the last couple of years they have been having major issues meeting announced deadlines and thats concerning.

  • keltheos

    “for the last couple of years…”

    Dude, where have you been? FFG’s spotty track record in meeting announced release dates has been going on since Day 1. I’m happy to wait for a delayed game if it will be good. I take FFG’s release dates and project them to mean ‘within the quarter the date we stated falls in…and sometimes a bit after that” and move on. When it hits the shelves I check it out. Fortunately, they are good about releasing their non-RPG game rules online before the releases so I can get a better feel for them before buying.

    Besides, when they come out and say the game is not where they want it to be, I respect that. They would rather go back and make it better than release a substandard (to them) product. Hats off there.

    • Sejanus

      I agree the waits to some of the delayed products has indeed been worth it. My point though was how it has gotten noticeably worse in the last couple of years. As for where I have been…I have been in the gaming universe for a good deal longer than most I would suspect….fortunately I age well. 😀