Fantasy Flight Games announces Campaign Book “Zverograd” for Dust Warfare

By TGN Ross
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Feb 13th, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new campaign book, Zverograd for Dust Warfare.

From their announcement:

With enemies on all sides, the SSU engages in many military operations. While their alliances are few, their numbers are many. The development of Sino-Soviet war machines has already left a smoldering mark on the face of the war, and their progressive designs remain on the cutting edge of modern combat technology.
-Operation “Zverograd”

The invasion continues! The Sino-Soviet Union makes its striking entrance into Dust Warfare in the Campaign Book “Zverograd” supplement. Inside this book, commanders will find a description of the SSU’s history, a platoon list to compose SSU armies, and rules for an exciting campaign set in the doomed city of Zverograd. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce Campaign Book “Zverograd,” the first supplement for Dust Warfare. This supplement arrives in the second quarter of 2012.

Dust Warfare is a tabletop miniatures game set in the same universe as Dust Tactics. Use all of your highly detailed Dust Tactics miniatures in this game of large-scale, strategic engagements. If you are already have a Dust Tactics army, all you will need to field it in Dust Warfare is the Core Rulebook, and the Campaign Book “Zverograd,” if you plan to field an SSU force. Future campaign books will add new units for all of the Dust Warfare factions, as well as new campaigns to test your skill as a commander.

The History of the Red Army

The SSU is engaged in multiple conflicts all over the globe. No other faction has suffered as many losses as the SSU, but they persevere, seeking vengeance on the enemies that inflicted so much pain. Their power is on the rise, and to showcase their increasing power, the glowing city of Zverograd was founded. Intended to be the crown jewel of the SSU, the city was soon engulfed in war as the Axis and Allies heard rumors of a powerful secret buried under the city’s streets. Now, all three major factions continuously clash, attempting to gain control over the city.

Inside Campaign Book “Zverograd” awaits the SSU platoon list. This document allows players to build unstoppable forces containing everything from versatile SSU Rifle Squads to rugged KV47 walkers and swift Airborne Transports. Assemble an army of choice units, and crush your enemies on your way to victory. Not to be outdone, this section of the book also contains entries for new Axis and Allied units that can be used to combat the SSU threat.

Campaigning for the future

Play out the defense of Zverograd in the campaign section of this supplement. Over a series of battles, players can experience the tense conflict for the valuable secrets contained within the city. With all three factions vying for control of the secret treasure, only one army can be victorious. Can you protect the doomed city– or will you conquer it? In this premier Dust Warfare campaign, you can decide the fate of Zverograd.

The SSU will soon be invading a tabletop near you, and with the Campaign Book “Zverograd,” you can take control of this mighty army. Learn more about the history of the SSU, build a powerful army, and defend the city of Zverograd with this Dust Warfare supplement. Use your Dust Tactics army for a larger conflict in Dust Warfare, and defend the Motherland!

  • IndyMike

    How about FFG releases the actual Warfare rules before pimping the next item on the list? OK, that is just frustration of a guy trying his best to patiently wait for this rule set to be released 🙂

    • cannondaddy

      At this rate the supplements might be out before the core rules… or maybe even the second edition.

  • blkdymnd

    Right here with you 🙂 the positive side of this announcement is that Warfare seriously has to very soon!

  • Nivanti

    LOL with you also, seems like we have been waiting forever for Warfare, had it pre ordered for months. But this is a positive and shows us the direction they are taking with mission books.

    Now just HURRY up with Warfare please and thank you 🙂

  • PanzerKraken

    Besides voicing what others have said about RELEASE THE FIRST BOOK!… am dissapointed to see that they didn’t just include the 3rd faction in the main book. Figured the delays were because of the new faction.

  • Robert

    I suspect there was some unhappiness with the gameplay of Dust Warfare overall – FFG has demonstrated that if they don’t think something is going to go over well in the marketplace, they will scrap it and start over.

    (unless it’s a supplement, where they seem to have lessened Quality Control)