Fantasy Flight Games Acquires Legend of the Five Rings

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Sep 11th, 2015

Well, this is some pretty big news.
Fantasy Flight Games has just announced that they have acquired the rights to produce the Legend of the Five Rings card game from AEG. The current version of the game will end with the Evil Portents expansion. After that, Fantasy Flight will take over. One of the first changes to be made is that the releases will move to the Living Card Game model, meaning there will no longer be random booster packs of cards (this has been how FFG has released card game expansions for some time now).

The change to an LCG will require certain changes in game design. Obviously, rare cards that could be considered a bit more powerful than their common and uncommon counterparts no longer will be around. However, FFG is going to do their best to hold true to the spirit of L5R. They want this to be a place where new players can join in to the game, and not a place to alienate long-time gamers.

John Zinser, CEO of Alderac Entertaiment Group, said, “L5R is and will always be our first gaming love, but over time, we’ve changed our company focus further and further away from those roots. Our friends at Fantasy Flight Games have staff with a long history with the L5R property and its games, who are excited about the prospect of taking the brand into the future. When we recently decided it was time to end our own work on the story of Rokugan, we knew they were the best possible stewards for the world, the story, and the community we love and want to see continue to succeed and grow into its next twenty years.”

Fantasy Flight Games will be releasing their new version of Legend of the Five Rings at Gen Con 2017.


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  • Tim Moore

    Wondering if 7th Sea might be next…please, please, please, please…

    • txMaddog

      Yes please!! And Burning Sands as well!!

  • miniwar monger

    Good news, if you think a diverse market is a bad thing. FFG is like the EA of board and cardgames these days. Blowing out copy and paste license trash. Not a fan.

    • Cergorach

      Of course they have some trash in their catalog, but when 14 of their titles wind up in the top 100 at, FFG is doing something right… L5R CCG is around #750 on that list. Every LCG that FFG is currently releasing score significantly higher than that. This of course doesn’t have to mean much, but it does mean that there’s a larger number of fans (at boardgamegeek) that appreciate the FFG games quite a bit, more so then the venerable L5R CCG.

    • northernlion196

      Really? Comparing FFG with EA? I think CMoN is a better contender for the EA of Table Gaming

      • boxofglitter

        Please name one CMON title based on a licensed popular IP. Right now FFG has made licensed games based on Star Wars (3 so far), Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones (2), Games Workshop (3+?) and at least 4 videogames – Gears of War, World of Warcraft, XCom and Doom. By my count that makes at least 13 distinct games excluding expansions versus CMON’s zero.

  • Sisyphus

    Mmmm… I’m not a fan of the LCG at all if the expansions are coming out twice every three months. Blink and you’ve missed 4 expansions. I got into netrunner but am so far behind I want to sell my collection. Same with the LOTR one but with that at least I can play with it by myself.

    • I must admit, when NetRunner came back out, I was as thrilled as one could possibly be. But yeah, I soon found myself unable to keep up with expansions (right around the first “big box” expansion that came out), and have since basically stopped playing.

      It’s sad because that’s my favorite card game in existence, but I’m so busy (and there’s no LGS over on my side of town) that I rarely had time to play, let alone to keep up with what the current meta was like with all the new cards.

      • Cergorach

        FFG vs AEG means better distribution and availability in the EU, that’s a pretty large market (twice as large as NA).

        Are you honestly going to say that keeping up with a LCG is more difficult then keeping up with a CCG? What are they coating the cards these days with? Stop sniffing that stuff!

        After 3 years Android: Netrunner has:
        1x Core set
        4x Deluxe expansions
        24x Datapacks
        Can get that complete for €443 and I can still get all the expansions. 2352 cards

        In the same period L5R CCG produced 17 new sets. A L5R booster box (36 cards) I can get for €126, ~2000 cards, most of which will be commons, maybe 126 rares.

        The advantage with the Netrunner LCG is that you’ll have three of every card, no rarities. So you can focus on deckbuilding instead of collecting. Also, if you look online you’ll know which set has which cards, so if your building a specific deck chances are that you won’t need all the expansions to build you specific deck…

        LCG is cheaper, less work collecting, better availability and longer staying power (try getting a three year old expansion for the CCG)…

        • Drew Olds

          There’s a feeling that they should get everything that isn’t present in a CCG.

          With random packs, people don’t feel like it is possible to get all of the cards- so they just try to get the ones they want the most, or figure out good ways of playing with the ones they randomly get.

          With a party card game or a board game, people feel like they should be able to pick up every expansion (and sometimes feel like they don’t have a complete game without every last piece of playable content).

          LCGs created a new monster. Sure, people can spend less and get everything they want, but they also can spend more and get everything there is.

          The great thing about the LCG is that it does get rid of the “Pay to Win” strategy- everyone can just buy the sets with the cards they’ll like.

        • Part of it comes from the living conditions I was in during the original run of Netrunner and when FFG re-released it. Originally, I was still in friggin’ middle school. I had an allowance (and I got an extra $5 if I mowed the lawn), but no expenses. I bought some packs here and there and made my decks the way I could with what I had.

          During the most-recent release, I’ve grown up. I’m living on my own, in an apartment, I have a full-time job. I have a lot more obligations than I did back when I was a teenager. I don’t get out to the gaming store nearly as often as I would like. My budget for gaming varies widely depending on things like gas prices and my electricity bill that month and if I need to get new tires or whatever.

          I got all the first expansions up until the first “big expansion box” that FFG made. I had my decks and I’d tune them a little. But I’d buy a pack, use maybe 3 cards, then file the rest. Now, obviously, I could’ve mitigated that some by just finding someone else who had those 3 cards and wasn’t going to use them, but I didn’t have anyone I know who did that, and I didn’t feel like searching around online.

          Now, trust me, I prefer the LCG model to the CCG model, in general. It’s just that me, as I am right now, don’t really have much of a chance to partake in Netrunner as I was originally hoping when it first came back out, and since I’ve missed quite a few expansions at this point, I almost wonder if it’s worth trying to catch up, particularly with sets rotating out eventually (yes, I know CCGs rotate out cards as well).

  • Jonathan Boothby

    Sure glad I didn’t pick up the latest expansion