Fantasy Flight announces “Only War” a 40k RPG

By Polar_Bear
In 40K
Apr 4th, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games expands their 40k RPG world with “Only War,” a new core rulebook for the game.

From the announcement:

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Only War! In this all-new standalone Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game, players take on the roles of soldiers in the Imperial Guard, the galaxy-spanning armies of the God-Emperor. Fully compatible with FFG’s other Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay titles, this comprehensive game system explores a previously unseen side of life in the Imperium of Man.

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  • tuco

    While Black Crusade isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I have yet to be unimpressed with the quality of any of the releases in FFG’s WH40k line. Looks like another $50 will be taken from my wallet.

  • Kolonel K

    So we’ve gone from Rogue Traders to Inquisitorial retinues, then Marines, down to playing the meatshields? Shouldn’t this have just been a token redshirt supplement? 🙂

    • It does seem a bit strange to base an ENTIRE RPG around something that could’ve just been a supplement.. By strange I mean it would’ve cost less… I guess that explains that..

      • PanzerKraken

        Not really, the games are themed because much of the 40k universe doesn’t go together, it’s very non traditional RPG setting. You don’t havea IG, a Chaos Marine, A death watch, and a rogue trader waltzing around a dungeon or going on adventures. The themes of the different types of groups basically let them create unique game experience for each while retaining the same basic system. Deathwatch has a ton of material rule wise which sets it apart from Rogue trader characters for example. Most of these rpgs have rules to play styles of scenarios and campaigns suited to the types of characters also. Deathwatch gameplay style is very different compared to how you would play a rogue trader campaign, and theres rules to keep them fluffy. This IG one will likely follow a similar theme of making for unique military IG inspired games

  • verythrax

    Actually, I can see why they prefer to use the standalone format than supplements, because some 40K aspects that appeals to a player doesn’t appeal to other, and a rulebook to cover all that ground would be massive, or need 3-4 supplements just to start being playable. Seems a wise design choice.
    The problem is that I liked the concept until Black Crusade, but even an IG RPG is stretching the concept a bit too much for my tastes… but a Ciaphas Cain styled campaign would be awesome!

  • Grim6

    Awesome! The perfect game for quick one-shot RPG sessions! Each character should have a life expectancy of what? 10 min? 15? Character creation and full life cycle in less than an hour!


    • cybogoblin

      That’s how I would run it. A bit like Kenny in South Park, except all the characters die every session :p

    • txMaddog

      Fifteen Hours is the life expectancy of a Guardsmen in 40k. 🙂 Anyone check the date on the release and see if it was an April Fools joke? Or is this FFG’s attempt at a Paranoia style game?

  • Roebeast45

    I hope they do some art books for all of these. I love their interpretation of GW imagery.

  • I actually really like the idea! It makes me think of simple, easy to get into stories / scenarios that focus on being human and most likely survival.

    I do love space marines, but I see them more as a silent armored menace then as a player character.

    Anyone here remember the intro to the Tau fire warrior game? Not a great title, but I liked how the space marine were depicted.

  • mweaver

    It sounds interesting to me. And you could approach it like the old Paranoia RPG… when a character dies, just shift to his next clone…

  • Urlock Gaur

    Seems like they could do it where you are playing as a Stormtrooper squad or even a system where each character is a squad leader with NPC’s. That could actually be a little more fun with each player working together to attack or defend an area with their squads. Could be cool to have your equipment and skills related to what the members of your squad are capable of and equipped with. Only concern that the game would be more of a tabletop with very little “role” playing.

  • Cherno

    At worst it’s a nice sourcebook for Imperium players that want more fluff.

    One question, though: Can anyone tell me what there will be in the grim darkness of the far future?

    • AoM

      Punch and pie.

  • Ghost

    At the risk of stating the obvious; not all roleplay is about being an uber-hero in a validation fantasy 🙂

    Muddy, tired, doomed soldier? Yes please!

  • Frankly, this is the game that I’ve wanted since they announced Dark Heresy.

  • sakieh

    I wonder if they are going to do one book for the sentient Xenos, or if each one is going to get its own book? I also wonder how much space they could put into each book if they did a Universal Core Book and then the individual groups as subsystem books, kind of like how White Wolf did the WoD 2.0…

    I am also hoping that their churning out these is not putting any trouble working on developing the Star Wars RPG they have the license for….I want to see what a quality game maker can do with the franchise now that it is away from the hacks at WotC.