• The figures look pretty nice but I am highly skeptical about their painting service at $1.50 per figure. According to their explanation it’s an 80 step process and to a high quality. As examples of “the latest paintjobs” they have three One Piece Gashapon 8cm figures with studio paintjob photos on display. It’s not mentioned anywhere (as far as I could tell) that they are in fact 8cm in scale and I think that is quite bad. The figures are at least 5 years old.

    All this is very confusing as it means one or more of the following:

    A) They have absolutely no experience of painting in the last 5 years.
    B) The paintjob is being done by the factory that is producing the figures (I am assuming China), hence the very low price and the studio paintjobs they are presenting of 8cm collectible figures where made and painted by the same company.
    C) They didn’t paint the figures they show as examples and a mistake was made or vital information was omitted?

    Other than that I think the figures are ace, but I’d also like to know what material is being used. I am guessing the much loved PVC mix. Just stating plastic says nothing today.

    Good luck with the KS.