Fallen Frontiers reboot Kickstarter coming next week

Scale Games has regrouped, reconfigured, and is now ready to reboot Fallen Frontiers on Kickstarter on the 14th.


From the announcement:

Hello everyone,

today we are proud to announce that Fallen Frontiers is coming to Kickstarter on Friday 14th of November!

Make sure to share this date with all of your friends and back us on day 1 so that we can get funded quickly and start working towards unlocking a ton of stretch goals, getting you more sci-fi awesomeness.

Thank you all for your support!

  • blackfly

    Too bad they still can’t (or wont?) honestly tell anyone what size their figures are.

  • blkdymnd

    What are you blabbering about? They measured one exactly to eye level and to the top of the head.

  • It’s strange there does seem to be a lot of hate about this game re the scale. No idea if this is just one or two people on a hate campaign or if its honest confusion caused by the last KS campaign.

    All you need do is spend 2mins on the FB page to see there is no confusion about the scale.

  • estrus

    I forget the specifics, but they never kept waffling on the scale, never committing. I think in the end they settled on the very odd 35mm scale.

    Same with the material. It may have been a semantics issue, but it was unclear what exactly they were made of. Plastic? Resin? Plastic resin?

    It’s not a good sign for a KS to not have such crucial info clear from the start.

    • Look, scales for minis is very simple:

      28mm is what people use when they were being honest about the size creep on their 25mm minis.

      30mm is what people use when they want to be honest about the scale creep on their 28mm minis.

      35mm is what people use when they want to be honest about the scale creep on their 30mm minis.

      Honestly, the best way to show off scale is with scale comparisons (like how Dark Sword is showing off their minis next to a bunch of Reaper minis).