Eye of the Vortex Lovecraft theme week and contest

The Eye of the Vortex site is having a Lovecraft week and also running a contest to celebrate the event.

From their announcement:

Our goal at Eye of the Vortex is to bring together everything that encapsulates the world of gaming – whether its played on a table-top, acted out in a field, or the movies and music gamers love. Sometimes though it can be a little hard to define the boundaries of the gaming universe. It helps to have things that we can point at and say “That is a true middle.” Something that is a core concept that touches every single thing we consider part of our world. A gaming vortex if you will.

One of those core concepts has always been H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.

His concepts and works have captured the imagination of directors such as Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator, Dagon), influenced even the most contemporary of horror authors, and has pervaded every medium of gaming. The Cthulhu Mythos and Cosmicism have created a rich fodder for the bridging of the macabre with the fantastic and out of this world.

Starting Sunday April 4th and running through Friday April 9th, we here at EoV will be honoring one of the original masters of horror with a week dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft. The folks over at Boardgames4us.com have given us $100 in free gift cards to their site that we’ll be giving away to six lucky winners. Entry is entirely free and as simple as joining our forum. You can enter the contest by going to this thread.

Boardgames4us.com has also provided a discount for all our viewers. You can save $5 off any purchase of $25 or more by entering the discount code ‘eyeofthevortexonline0430’ when making your purchase from their website.

Some great Lovecraft inspired products Boardgames4us.com carries include:
Arkham Horror
Cthulhu Rising
Munchkin Cthulhu
Unspeakable Words