Eye of Terror I coming soon from Otherworld Miniatures

Otherworld Miniatures have posted a preview of a painted sample of their upcoming Eye of Terror miniature.

Eye of Terrors

From their announcement:

Available now for pre-order is DM23a – Eye of Terror I, due for release at the end of March. This is another model for our Labyrinth Lord range. The components of the kit can also be used to make an old school Eye Tyrant (on the right of the photo).

The miniature was sculpted by John Pickford and this display model was painted by Andrew Taylor. A second head variant is currently in production, as well as a conversion kit for building a marine version of the beast, An Eye of the Deep.

  • The one on the left has an udder!!

  • Roebeast45

    These are the best miniatures of this monster ever.

    And the udder idea is truly disturbing.

    • Osbad

      Udderly disturbing?

      I’ll get my coat!

  • supervike

    My goodness, their painter is fantastic.

  • chaoshead87

    I like these alot and agree that they may be some of the better sculpts of this monster.

    As for the udders, I guess the baby monsters need food too???

  • tyfighter77

    I think the paint job just makes them look like udders. They’re like the dangly things on a turkey instead, only more of them… oh… like a catfish maybe.

    BTW- Paintjob. Is. Awesome.