Exodus Wars new release

Steel Crown Productions have announced a new release for their 6mm sci-fi Exodus Wars range.

Khazari Valkyrie transports

From their announcement:

The Khazari Valkyrie transport incorporates the speed and fire power of its smaller kin. With the ability to transport War Droids and supplies. Providing vital tactical advantages in the battle field.

  • Is that link right or is the site down? The models look very smart!

    • Zac

      The site appears to be down.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    The painting on those is pretty phenomenal!

  • BoosterX

    Their site is down?

  • Dave

    They’re moving hosts and getting a new webstore, should be up in a day or two according to their post on TacComm.

  • I’d like to see these alongside some other models for size comparison.

  • widgren

    i think they look awsome!
    ill get some