Exclusive Promo Cards with Pre-Order Of Caverns of Cynder

Everyone likes to get free, bonus stuff. Many game companies offer exclusive promo pieces if you order right from them. Warlord Games is well-known for it. Flying Frog also does it quite a bit. They’re currently taking pre-orders for their Caverns of Cynder expansion for Shadows of Brimstone. And if you order from them directly, you can get a pair of promo cards.


Things are heated up for the adventurers in Caverns of Cynder. Like… red hot. You remember that game you played as a kid where “the ground is lava!” Yeah, that’s not so much a game anymore (well, it’s part of a game, but… you know what I mean!). With new set includes new map tiles, new monsters, some new versions of some old monsters, and all sorts of gear to help you make it out of the fiery inferno alive… singed, but alive.

Pre-orders are being taken until August 31st.


  • Odinsgrandson

    I like the pre-order or kickstarter bonus stuff, but it always irks me if it changes gameplay, and is completely unavailable later on.

    • I’ve got a Caverns on my desk that I’m wanting to try. Joe-Nathan, the video guy, got in on the original Kickstarter and loves the game. We just need to find time to have the two together, since I’ve never actually played Shadows of Brimstone, myself.

      • Odinsgrandson

        Shadows is a good game. Your heroes are often searching for Darkstone- which radiate magical power and have a tendency of mutating the crap out of anyone that carries them too much.

        As such, my character has grown a tenticle tongue, an extra head, a spiked tail and horns.

  • Dean Winson

    This is the first thing they’ve done that annoys me as a Kickstarter backer. The delays don’t bother me too much (although I’m still waiting for them to admit there is no way they’re going to hit the upcoming deadline), and I fully appreciate needing to release product as you go along (I might get annoyed if everything comes out before I get it).

    However, I’ve already bought and paid for this product, so there is no way I’m going to preorder this and get the cards. While they aren’t game changers by any means, I went in for the ‘get everything’ pledge, which I now won’t have…

    • William Larberg

      I’m pretty sure it was said somewhere that as kickstarter backers, we will be getting the additional promo cards when we receive caverns

      • Dean Winson

        That would appease me ?

        • Odinsgrandson

          Yeah, it is only fair to give the Kickstarters the promos.