Exciting New 15mm Sci Fi Buildings

Blue Moon Manufacturing has announced new 15mm Sci Fi buildings will be available in the fall:

From their announcement:

Here is a surprise for those of you doing Galactic War I. Blue Moon Manufacturing has 4 beautiful 15mm Sci Fi buildings with more to come. These 4 buildings will be available at Fall In 2011.

  • scottjm

    Very nice! Any idea on price?

  • Nocturnus

    Very nice. Too bad their shipping rates are absolutely ridiculous. Can anyone suggest another distributor that carries their products?

  • Dewbakuk

    They look very much like some I started in 28mm a while back. But then mine were based on the ‘Ghosts of Mars’ artwork too 🙂

  • Yep, I’m going to have to pick these up.

    @Nocturnus – they just have lousy software on their web store, especially for international shipping. Email them before you place your order, and they can give you an accurate shipping quote. Their cart is always wrong for international shipping charges.

  • Repeter

    These are awesome–makes me wish I played some 15mm…

  • as79

    Very cool

  • Very cool for Heavy Gear!