Ex illis software update and podcast

Bastion have posted an update to the Ex illis software and also uploaded a new Ex illis podcast.

From their announcement:

A new and upgraded version of the Ex illis gaming software is available. With this 1.09 version come many new features:

  • The Ex illis factions system
  • The Baneret and William Wallace heroes are now playable
  • you can now assign a general to your army…

for all the details, listen to the new podcast.

Now you get to choose between these heroes to lead your army:

  • The Marenne
  • The Decurion
  • The Knight Baneret
  • The dismounted Baneret
  • William Wallace

Some of the factions you can choose from as well:

  • Avignon
  • Aquitania
  • French Crown
  • Broken wings
  • English crown…