Ex illis presents The Serjants

Bastion have posted details of their Ex illis Serjants expansion box.


From their announcement:

This extension box hits the stores May the 10th. What’s in the box: 8 infantry miniatures with 2 assembly options

The Serjants are used as the core infantry in most armies. Swordsmen tend to be the more offensive infantry, able to outfight most non-elite units and advance on the field withstanding enemy shooting. Spearmen are a purely defensive unit which excels at protecting a zone.

Serjants are all about shields. It allows these melee units to close in on their enemies and lock them in close combat, outfighting them Fatigue-wise or taking blows for more fragile allied units, acting as potent bodyguards.

Adding a fighter Hero to this kind of long-lasting unit really is a great choice. It allows you to maximise the use of his Heroic Power and make an already tough unit even harder to kill, not to forget the relevant morale bonuses.

Swordsmen tend to be more offensive, performing Double Attacks to finish off wounded units or attack in a disciplined manner to outlast their opponents and even be able to fight more than one unit at a time. The swordsman’s true strength lies in its retaliation capacities. Having 50% chance of basic retaliation and pushing the odds up to 75% when adopting a Defensive Stance, turns this unit into a defensive one which is able to pack a punch when unsuspected.

Spearmen excel at the well-known Shield Wall formation. This stance allows them to act as bodyguards for less aggressive units and raises their chances to block. This defence being the best against heavy hitters, they still have the choice to adopt the Impaling Stance to counter strong cavalry charges even more efficiently.