Eureka release Frankenstein lab set

Eureka Miniatures have released a miniature and terrain set based on the Frankenstein movies and book.


From their website:

Hollywood, on the other hand, just liked the idea of a monster created by a mad scientist from other peoples’ dead bits! These various celluloid versions are what Kosta had in mind when he designed our mini-diorama, and here you have all classic horror elements. The secret castle laboratory with its high gothic windows; the Lightening Capacitors ready to capture the power of the storm; the bookshelf of forbidden knowledge (including a copy of the Necronomicon); the down trodden hunch-back assistant; the ‘Monster’ (we would like to stress that no living miniatures were harmed in the creation of this figure), and last but not least, the good doctor himself – exultant at the moment of his creation’s ‘birth’. All that’s missing is the lightening and the torch carrying, pitch fork wielding angry mob from the local village laying siege to the castle! (And if you want some suitable vigilantes we would recommend taking a look at our 28mm Tyrolean range). All items in the set can be ordered separately if desired.