Eureka release 28mm US Force Recon Marines

Eureka Miniatures have released their 28mm US Force Recon Marine figures.


From their website:

This new set of six miniatures represents just such a team. They are for the most part armed with M4A1 Carbines (the latest version of the M16 Rifle); a weapon that has evolved into a highly customisable system which can be equipped with holographic or telescopic sights as well as aiming lasers or illuminators. Also represented is the M203 Grenade Launcher, which when attached to the M4 provides significant additional firepower. More sustained fire-support comes from the M249 ParaSAW, the American version of the Belgian Minimi, here being carried by the radio operator in our set and fitted with a 30 round M16 magazine rather than the usual 200 round box magazine. As always Kosta has paid careful attention to the details, and a noteworthy characteristic of these miniatures is their webbing and load bearing gear. This consists of an authentic mix of older ALICE style webbing or commercially manufactured rigs (such as those from Black Hawk Tactical), as well as both standard issue and privately acquired packs.

In addition to our six man Force Recon Team Kosta has also made a sniper, armed with the fearsome .50 Cal Barrett Sniper Rifle for engaging long range targets or in a anti-material capability.