Eureka release 28mm Australian SAS in Vietnam

Eureka Miniatures have released a new pack of six 28mm Australian SAS in Vietnam figures.


From their website:

There are six different figures in the Australian SAS set. As usual Mike has paid careful attention to equipping them with all the correct weaponry. One holds the SLR with pistol-grip attached to hand-guard and 30 round magazine, while two others carry the shortened version of the SLR (also with the 30 round magazine). Another bears a stripped down M60 machine gun and the rest are equipped with a standard M16 and an M203 (M16 variant with under-slung XM148 grenade launcher). All are represented with the correct webbing and packs. Figure painters can test themselves with the disruptive camouflage patterns favoured by the Australian SAS in Vietnam. Our examples were beautifully painted for us by Helen Bachaus.