Eureka release 1970’s Rhodesian figures

Eureka Miniatures have released a series of figures representing the various sides involved in the Rhodesian conflict.

28mm ZANLA figures

From their announcement:

Although under international arms embargo, Rhodesia nonetheless received support from South Africa, Portugal, and Israel. The basic rifle was the SLR (actually the South African version, known as the R1) with FN MAG light machine-guns as the support weapon. With these sturdy arms, and MG151 20mm cannon armed Alouette helicopters (known as K-cars) in the air above, the RLI became a ruthlessly effective fighting force. The size of the RLI ‘stick’ of four men was determined by how many men could deploy from an Alouette helicopter.

For their part, the guerrilla groups received backing from China, North Korea and the Soviet Union, and this is reflected in their weaponry. A wide range of weapons were supplied to the guerrillas; AK-47’s, RPD light machine-guns and RPG-2’s being indicative of a well supplied unit. Photos of the guerrillas show a surprising amount of uniformity, with various types of tan shirt and trousers very commonly worn, often in combination with Rhodesian or Portuguese issue camouflage items.