ESLO Terrain release modular House system

The latest set of terrain releases from ESLO Terrain contain the first release in their modular House system.


From their announcement:

Hello to all tabletop wargamers and modeling fans. Here are our latest releases: Scenery (ready- to- play):

25 – 30 mm
Confluence of river and creek €29,95
Parts for modular house €14,95 – 39,45
Accessoires for modular house €1,00 – 9,95

“Houses assemble, as we need them now. Building a single or multistoried, and other accessories can be ordered Thus one can represent entire villages or towns, there you can perfectly play.”

All new releases find you in our webshop.All of our scenery is handmade, hand-painted, ready- to- play and packed in cartons.
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