Eolith Zombies available for pre-order

Eolith Miniatures are now taking pre-orders for their 28mm Zombie miniatures.

zombie pack 1

From their announcement:

Okay, it’s pre-orders day again at Eolith. Today we have a pack of three 28mm zombies, cast in metal as resin is impractical, price wise, for multi packs. For the same reason, while I was at it, I had the Spyglass Classics pack remastered into metal. In resin it was by far my worst profit margin but solid sales meant I really wanted to keep it around. So, into metal they go. And, lo, they be a lower price.

Figures are approximately 31mm foot to top of head. Zombie pack is £8 and Spyglass Classics are £9
Both sets are pre-order right now and I expect production casts in approximately two weeks.