Endicott Epidemic – Deluxe Contagion Survival Kit released

TOG Entertainment have released the Endicott Epidemic – Deluxe Contagion Survival Kit.

Deluxe Contagion Survival Kit

From their announcement:

New to Endicott Epidemic: Infectious Contagion? Or are you a veteran Zombie slayer in need of assistance? Here’s your survival kit: it includes everything you need to live through this never-ending horde of Undead, plus room for extra goodies when the time comes. Use it wisely, for those not used to keeping resources plentiful will soon fall victim to a flesh-craving maniac or two…

This deluxe add-on to the base game of Endicott Epidemic includes:

  • 1 large game box to hold the base game, expansions, and bits.
  • 88 full-color chipboard chits (pre-punched)
  • 45 Player Hit Chits
  • 35 Zombie Hit Chits
  • 5 Headshot Chits
  • 3 Mercenary Chits
  • 2 D6
  • 6 Exclusive Game Cards
  • 1 New Character – Ant
  • 1 New Weapon – BFG Minigun
  • 1 New Zombie Boss – “Military Troll”
  • 2 New Zombies – “Mo’Hawk” and “Willow II”
  • 1 New Event – “Mercenary Assistance”
  • 2 Heavyweight play mats:
  • 1 Main Game Mat [8.5×14]
  • 2 Side Game Mats [4.5×11.5]
  • 1 Expanded rulebook

Can also be bundled with the Endicott Epidemic: Infectious Contagion core game deck

TGEEE3002 Survival Kit (without Core Deck): $12.99
TGEEE3003 Survival Kit (with Core Deck) : $19.99

Order now. Shipping 11/26/2010
For more information please visit the TOG Forums -or to order, the TOG Website.