Encounter Elements releases The Encounter Bricks Construction System

Encounter Elements now has their Encounter Bricks Construction System available over on their website. Go check it out.

From the announcement:

Encounter Elements is pleased to announce the release of their first product, The Encounter Bricks Construction System, a modular tabletop gaming terrain built with the RPG’er in mind. We were tired of flat battlegrounds, and we were tired of the super expensive 3D terrain options that are available, so we built our own and this is the finished product. We call it a Construction System because we think that you shouldn’t be limited in what you’re able to create for your RPG adventures. Creativity, Versatility, and Affordability; those are the key elements that we based our product on, and we think you’ll understand why after you try out The Encounter Bricks Construction System!

  • Zemlod

    Nice idea.

    But considering that they are just another kind of Lego clone bricks, they should be priced accordingly. If I’d decide to use bricks for my dungeons, currently, I’d find better value using something like, say Megabloks or Bestblocks or whatever from the 1€-bin.

    If they manage to cut theyr price under €10 for the set, I might be tempted to take another look…

  • winter

    Ouch, $1.71 a block? It’s a nice idea, but about three times more expensive than I could justify to create a dungeon. As above, just buy legos and save yourself the cash.

  • I hate to sound like everyone else, but yeah. Way overpriced for me, particularly for how little you get. You can’t make a whole dungeon with that single set, and it costs too much to get multiples. If the price point were $15 or less, maybe $20, I’d be all about it. At $55, there’s no way.

  • Locke0048

    $55 may be a little steep, but let’s face it – tabletop gaming is expensive. The average cost of a mini is easily a couple bucks; over-sized graph paper is nearly $30 for a pad and inevitably gets ruined; and laminated maps and cardboard tiles are good, but it really does add a lot to play with 3D terrain. If you’re serious about being a game master you’re going to invest in some quality gaming surfaces or you’ll be out a lot of money in the long run.

    As far as lego bricks are concerned, they are super expensive where I come from and I’d be dropping way more than $55 dollars to build a whole dungeon capable of representing playing spaces…maybe if you got a bunch in your basement already. But even so, I was completely unsatisfied with the dungeons DM’s I’ve seen make out of legos.

    If they settle in to the $40-$50 range (and I’ve got the cash…) I’ll probably get some (two if I like it). It’d still be more in my budget than Dwarven Forge’s stuff – it’s like $3 a piece.

  • as79

    Sorry but @ $50 for one small set, I could buy 2 Hirst cavern molds and enough plaster to make an entire table’s worth of dungeon terrain AND be able to re-sell the molds when I’m done.

    This being an “expensive hobby” (which IMHO, it really isn’t/wasn’t until certain companies started charging premium prices for items most gamers previously made themselves, but I digress…) doesn’t justify charging 2x the price of a similar Lego brick.

    • KelRiever

      Agreed. The point of this hobby, especially from the dungeon crawl/rpg side, is that it is NOT expensive. I would just pass on these bricks altogether for that price.

      • Soulfinger

        I just make this sort of stuff out of polymer clay that I buy with a 40% off coupon from a craft store like Hobby Lobby, or just buy some used copies of Upwords and paint up the tiles.