Empress preview modern British SAS figures

Empress Miniatures have posted preview photos of new 28mm modern British SAS figures.


From their website:

We are very pleased to preview one of our new ranges for 2010.

Inspired by the rather fantastic Ambush Alley rules, we have started work on one of our new ranges for next year. We are on track to release the first figures in January, with more to come soon afterwards. The first releases are highly detailed and researched British SAS in Afghanistan.

Oh, and of course we’ll be stocking the entire Ambush Alley range of rules too. More pictures can be found on our workbench. We’ll be previewing more of these in the next week too.

We also have some very exciting new releases planned for early next year in every other range – Zulu War, Spanish Civil War and Abyssinia. Something for everyone in fact.