Empress now carrying Ambush Alley

Empress Miniatures is now stocking the Ambush Alley series of rules.

From their website:

We are very pleased to announce that we are now stocking the rather excellent Ambush Alley rules system.

These are suitable for ‘modern’ conflicts from the inter-war years right up to tomorrow. The core rules come in two ‘flavours.’ The Ambush Alley rules allow a ‘non-linear’ warfare such as modern counter-insurgency, while Force On Force gives the player the ability to play much larger games with mechanised forces on both sides. There is also the insane and very fun Ambush Z, which allows gamers to fight their own Zombie Apocalypse.

There are a number of scenario books and card decks available to enhance the game further, and we will be stocking all of these too.

These highly regarded rules are suitable for figure scales form 10mm up to 54mm (obviously we like the 28mm approach) and are the perfect match to our forthcoming modern range of figures.