em4 looking for Ludus Gladiatorius articles

em4 miniatures are seeking articles for the Ludus Gladiatorius section of the Combat Zone Chronicles website.

From their announcement:

We are intending to add a Ludus Gladiatorius section to our online magazine – The Combat Zone Chronicles and we’d be interested in receiving articles to include in this section. If your article is published in The Chronicles, you will get credit which can be exchanged for goods from em4miniatures. If you look at the existing articles in The Chronicles, you’ll see in the top left hand corner of each contribution how much the author received in credit.

Articles can be rules expansions, scenery, figure conversions etc. In fact if it’s about Ludus and is interesting, we’d like to see it. Preferably, your article should be accompanied by relevant photos. If it isn’t, we can probably find something suitable but you’ll earn considerably less credit.

As an example of what could be a good article, a piece from Bayerkini about how he made his 3D dungeon would probably be ideal.

Submit your article by email to me at: enquiries@em4miniatures.com

I look forward to seeing lots of interesting contributions.