Elhiem to have new releases at WMMS event

Elhiem Figures will have their latest 1:72nd scale WWII miniatures available at the WMMS Alumwell show.

From their announcement:

The WMMS Alumwell show which is this Sunday will be attended by Elhiem Figures and we have a couple of show exlusives.

I am pleased to say I had a number of figures I was working on and I have finished just in time

These are:

Waffen SS MMG crews in late war smocks (type 2 smock with foliage loops) with a variety of head gear.

  • SS03 – MMG crew with type 2 helmet covers
  • SS04 – MMG crew with plain helmets
  • SS05 – MMG crew with soft caps (gunner and loader with M43 caps, spotter with crusher peaked cap)

They are full interchangeable with each other so you can mix and match as much as you like.

Price will be £1.65 per pack and does NOT include the MMG, which can be purchased separately.

For those of you more into your Pulp style figures, I also have :

P35 – Heroes and Agents – 5 heroic hunks inspired by Pulp stories through the ages. Sculpted by the Mystic Spiral, these figures capture the feel of 1920-30’s adventure and a couple could even be used as spys/police for WW2 as well.