Elastic Rubber Base Rings now available from Impact!

Impact! Miniatures is now offering Elastic Rubber Base Rings.

Rubber Skill Rings

From their website:

After a month of rejecting one sample after another trying to make this product we finally have an approved version we can offer to our customers.

Looking for a quick way to tell the different from players on your team or at an event.   These Elastic Rubber Base Rings allow you to quickly and simply tell the different between the players.

Do you have a unique looking team where the players are difficult to tell appear … identify the different positions by giving each one its own colour.

Are you attending a tournament where players can gain skills/abilities.  Use a colour to represent each different skill.   Need something more specific? You can write on the rubber and then later with just your fingers you can rub the ink off the rubber and use it again for something else.

The rings will work with 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 40mm standard round plastic bases (in the image above the first 5 players are on 25mm, the Ice Troll on a 40mm, the Deadling on a 20mm and the Mini Deadwood on a 30mm).   The rubber rings do not work with lipped display bases (sorry).

A multi-pack with 8 different colours is available here. Or if you want to get 8 rings in just one colour … you can go to the Skill ring page and purchase the new rubber versions at the bottom of the page.

Need to see them in action to know they work?
Video 1 focuses on showing writing on the rubber ring and removing the writing.   Video 2 focuses on putting the ring on and taking it off and showing how well it stays on while the figure is being handled.