Eden – Universe & Survival Rules campaign on Indiegogo

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 4th, 2012

Eden started an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new rulebook that’s chock-a-block full of background fluff on the universe the game takes place in.

From the campaign:

For 3 years now, the post apocalyptic skirmishes game “Eden” has been played by hundreds of enthusiasts gamers.

From the feedbacks we have got since the beginning, we can proudly say that this tactical, fast and easy gaming system is one of the best skirmishes game around…

However one problem remained : so far we hadn’t found the time to gather and formalize the background elements.

We still needed to lay on paper the history of the world that stand beyond the design of this game universe and characters

This problem is almost solved !

The creator of the Eden universe, lead art director and initiator of the project, Mohamed Ait Mehdi, (A.K.A. Mohand on the international miniature gaming scene ) has a great news for those longing to know what is behind this apocalyptic world !

With the help of many talented writers and graphic artists, Mohand brought to life a 150 pages book. You will find inside 100 pages of background and more than 80 illustrations !

You will learn the history of this devastated world, the horrors that led to the apocalypse and how the factions played in the game emerged from the ashes of the civilisation

Beside, the rule section of the book will include :

-clearer writing of the core rule system
-new sceneries management rules
-and a brand new exciting feature : the multi player mode that will allow you to fight with up to 3 other opponents !

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  • basement.dweller

    I think Eden has some awesome conceptual design that they’ve managed to translate quite well in to figures. I am always looking out for a kickstarter or indiegogo for awesome figures, but what I don’t get is WHY is it more expensive to buy stuff from the campaign than just from their normal store? It’s very disappointing to say the least… Please revise your prices. 1 sourcebook and 2 starters for €150? So you get the battlefield scenery box, but why can’t we get another factions starter instead?
    Starters are free shipping from the store and are about €35 each, 1 sourcebook from the campaign is €39+5shipping so 39+35+35=109+5 shipping. Battlefield scenery box is 39, so it’s still cheaper to buy everything from the shop. You don’t get any goodies, but with these prices I don’t expect a lot of goodies to be unlocked. The €100 deal is better with a book, a starter and a battlefield in a box. so basically you pay €39 for the book, €26 for a starter, and €25 for a battlefield scenery box – why is the next step €50 for another starter? It makes no sense whatsoever. So you get 2 perks and the extra perk costs €25? No sense. I hope you fix this because I really want you take my money 😉

    • grimbergen

      thanks for the info… almost got suckered into it before doing my homework (if that’s true).

  • basement.dweller

    Oh sorry I made a msitake – the breakdown of the “Apocalypse Now” at €100 should be as follows (I’ve extrapolated the cost of the starter from the “Survivor” level at €75 for a sourcebook and a starter)

    €39 sourcebook
    €36 starter (instead of €35 from the store inc shipping)
    €30 battlefield in a box (instead of €39 inc shipping)
    1 free perk when unlocked
    €5 shipping totalling €105

    The sourcebook is not available from the store, but if it later costs €39 from the store – you save €4 by buying into the campaign and you get a perk if any are unlocked. I feel like every indiegogo campaign has sucked in comparison to Kickstarter. I think it’s a combination of not being able to reach out to as many buyers and therefor the campaign managers don’t do as good deals as they don’t expect to have as many buyers – this of course leads to less people buying into the campaign and it’s a shame!!! EDEN rocks, but I don’t feel I am getting any incentive to buy into the campaign at all. This feels like a pure preorder… 🙁

    • basement.dweller

      God I can’t get my math straight sorry again.. battlefield scenery is heavily discounted in the set at €25 so 39+36+25 = 100. So it is a better deal

      Is there no edit button here?

  • Giving you discounted product isn’t the point of Kickstarter. If they just wanted to put discounted product into your hands they’d run a sale. You can’t expect the to hit their goal and successfully create their book if they’re just giving their other products away at a lower profit margin.

    Thanks to some of the larger more successful Kickstarter projects I really feel like gamers are missing the whole point because they’ve come to expect more, more, more for they’re pledges.

    • My fault, that should say “Giving you discounted product isn’t the point of Crowdfunding.” Regardless of the site they chose, it’s still not about offering “A good deal.” Crowdfunding sites are not storefront, a fact Kickstarter has tried to hammer home recently by disallowing project creators offering multiples of they’re products end product as rewards.

      • Veritas

        Plus, to add to Rogue Bard, IndieGoGo charges more in fees I’ve heard. Unfortunately if you’re a European company you can’t use Kickstarter unless you have American or UK business relations to run the thing for you. And that too would likely cost money.

      • basement.dweller

        I hear what you are saying and I am agreeing up to a point. Unfortunately there is no edit function that I can see and thus my post is all over the place.

        Back to your point about crowdfunding not being about giving you a discounted product. I think yes crowdfunding has become a new way of advertising and getting it viral in an analog way. It’s proven effective and it’s a bit cynical… As for what it’s initial intent was well – it’s still in there somewhere. I love seeing new stuff, and as such it’s good to see the sourcebook getting out. They are releasing the sourcebook and seeking to fund it through crowdfunding – Good! They offer some rewards – Good! Awesome even! So that is the “NEW” part. They are also seeking out new players and to add value to already established fans. So they are offering starters and some unlockables as perks. GREAT!

        Here is my problem: The reward level “Knights of the Apocalypse” at €150 is just wrong from whichever way I view it as it’s a worse deal than both their €100 deals. However much I want to support a game, my money is limited and as such I won’t pay more money for less in a campaign than what I can pay in their store. It’s just simple math in the end and in response to Indiegogo having higher fees – that point is moot since it means that I pay more for their campaign than had I paid them directly. It just doesn’t make sense for the consumer and as such it shouldn’t make sense for them. I agree that the choices are a bit limited for EU companies – with the UK being able to start of Kickstarters now I think soon enough more Europeean countries will have the option.

        • I haven’t broken down the rewards like you have, so you would know better than me what the price differences are, and if they are huge I would be against it just like you. I back a lot of things on Kickstarter and one of the first things I look for is if they are offering reasonable rewards. I’ve seen guys doing 22 page comic books not even offering a copy until you shell out a minimum of $30. It goes without saying I am quick to say “screw that” and never look back. In this case, however, they are kinda hamstrung by the fact that they are offering existing products as rewards because they really can’t afford to offering them any cheaper than retail after all the fees and shipping and costs of actually making their book are taken into account.

          A lot of the more successful Kickstarters for Miniatures have been for entire lines that did not yet exist so they have also had the benefit of “You’ll get this before everyone else” for their campaigns. Not to mention all the crazy stretch goals where you have people really thinking they’re making out like bandits while you milk them for more money than they originally pledged. In case you can’t tell I’m not a big fan of stretch goals, but that’s a whole different conversation.

        • Lemminkaeinen

          Did you notice that Knights of the Apocalypse has shipping included? So compared to Apocalypse Now, you get for €45 (or €43 if you’re outside EU) an extra starter (or €40 worth of minis chosen freely) and an extra unlockable. So yeah, the discount on the items is rather minimal but it isn’t more expensive than the usual channels, either.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    It’s an awesome game, btw. Really fills a different niche in that it has 3-6 minis per side, is played on a 2′ x 2′ battlefield and a game only takes about an hour.

    Yet despite all that, it’s intensely tactical with a really cool resource management system and a sorta chess-like quality to the maneuvering (since nearly every model moves the same amount and you can pre-measure). Oh, it also has asymmetrical objectives in the form of mission cards and the new rulebook promises rules for three and four player games.

    As for the prices, on Taban’s forums they promised a freebie for all the supporters if the goal of €5000 is met and it has been growing rather nicely, so that should make all the levels a bit better. That said, the €150 level is indeed weird, I agree.

  • Mastershaper

    Sadly Taban Miniatures don’t like to support the italian translation…

  • basement.dweller

    Yep noted that, but shipping is free in their shop to most of the world… so it’s still a miffy deal compared to the €100 deals… It really is a €35 starter for €50 extra – and another unlockable. However they have updated with a 15% voucher for everyone that buys “survivor” and up. But that is extortion since it means you have to buy more to get any use for it so I don’t see that as a perk? Maybe it’s just me.

    It does seem like they are doing ok with the first goal reached… If it keeps up then the €100 deal with ALL the unlockables included might be the best one to get some new and original stuff – and looking at the actual backing that is what everyone is backing.

    I am agreeing with Rogue Bard on the whole stretch goal thing. If they intend to have a whole bunch of awesome asskicking cool stuff then why drag it out like that. Present them from start and you won’t have people like me bitching about how crappy the value of the campaign is. This is why the growth of stretch goal driven campaigns is exponential towards the end. There is no way I am backing something if 1) I don’t now what I am getting, and 2) I don’t feel it’s worth it.

    I EDEN would go against every other campaign and just present their stretch goals from the start and do away with the mystery. If their “goodies” don’t suck I bet they’ll get much better results much faster. Seeing the unlocked goodies that are now available they seem to rock so just go for it. If I know what I am paying for I am inclined to pay NOW and spread the word that it’s an AWESOME campaign rather than “duh – it’s cheaper to get stuff from the store”…

    • Lemminkaeinen

      “Extortion” is a tad harsh a word, don’t you think? I mean, the voucher makes a lot of sense since if a person likes the game, they will most likely buy more stuff for it and then the voucher is a nice thing to have.

      And the shipping cost should be included in the comparison since the campaign does include a shipping cost even if their webstore often doesn’t.

      As for the releasing the stretch goals straight away, I somewhat agree with you. Especially so, since choosing between the two €100 options hinges on what the goodies will be like.