Eden March releases from Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures have posted details of their March 2011 releases for the Eden post-apocalyptic skirmish game.

Eden March releases
Eden March releases

From their announcement:

Here are the latest EDEN releases.

  • Dhambizao for the Bamaka clan. This herder will use spider swarms to wreck havoc among his opponents
  • Irina for the jokers, uses many trick to reduce her foes potential
  • Sister Alena from the new Matriarchy “Red order” : punchy and violent !
  • And finally Heinrich, who can be fielded either as a seasoned Conveyor, or a dynamic Guardian (blister includes 2 profile cards and a choice of heads and weapons)

Alena and Dhambizao by Gael Goumon, Heinrich by Mohand and Irina by Steve Party

  • It looks like another great bunch of miniatures from Eden. I really should get around to order some more from them.

  • Must have Heinrich! God I love good Post Apoc minis.

  • Borzag

    Funny story, but I was relatively unimpressed with this range when they came out… since then though they’ve just been getting better and better (esp. Clan Bamaka). I’ll have to grab a pile when I can, amazing work.

  • blackfang

    Nothing for the robot samurai faction this time?

    This is one of those games that if I got into it, I wouldn’t be able to pick a faction, they’re all so amazing.

  • The Matriarchy was the only disappointing line initially, but the slave fat guys and big boys have improved the line immensely.

    Likewise the initial ICS stuff was very cool, kind of went luke warm for a bit but has come back strong.

  • SirAngry

    I’m still not sold on Eden tbh. I’ve seen the mini’s in the flesh and while they’re ok, they don’t scream ‘must buy’ to me personally. I’ll keep an eye on it though see if it gathers pace and peeps start playing it, but no one in my gaming group seem impressed.